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In 27 days, there had been 250 million hacking attempts on Blitz site


In 27 days, there had been 250 million hacking attempts on Blitz site

Mustafa Ali Noor

Most possibly what the members in the IT section of Blitz have been witnessing for the past 27 days is unprecedented, as over 250 million hacking attempts had been made on our online edition. Hackers were from most of the nations, including Jordan, UAE, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Britain, Spain, Finland, India, etc. To my knowledge, there had not been such massive cyber-attacks on a single newspaper in such a short span of time.

Why this hacking attempt?

Our readers from around the world have been complaining of difficulty in accessing our site, which we instantly tried to resolve. But the attacks from the hackers, as well as those false visit into our site, had made us a bit puzzled. Although we have over five million readers every month, during July, the number would cross at least six million. Every day, people are calling us with news scoops or data and information on any particular subject. People in the West know Blitz as the only newspaper in the entire Muslim world that is distinctively different and we have been maintaining such strong editorial policies since 2003.

What impact Blitz has?

Blitz was the first newspaper that began exposing Indian hate-monger Dr. Zakir Naik, which led to ban on him in Britain and Canada. Subsequently, Zakir Naik was banned in India and most of the countries – his broadcast network PeaceTV was banned and series of criminal cases were lodged against him. Currently, he is living in Malaysia at the direct patronization of Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

Notorious jihadist outfit Hizbut Tahrir was banned in Bangladesh due to series of investigative reports in Blitz. Later, the United States State Department had blacklisted this group. We also have been exposing jihadist outfits like Hizb Ut Towhid or notorious Iranian regime, Hamas, Palestinian terrorists and a dangerous convict fugitive and patron of Islamic State named Md. Shahid Uddin Khan. For many years, Khan and members of his family are sheltered in Britain. It may also be mentioned here that, Md. Shahid Uddin Khan is a business associate of notorious Dawood Ibrahim.

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