In Aligarh, one lakh rupees were demanded from the widow’s mother before marriage, the groom’s party absconded after not getting dowry.


Aligarh. A day before the wedding in UP’s Aligarh, the dowry greedy groom refused to bring a procession. The procession was to reach the bride’s door on May 22, 2023, but a day before the marriage, the widowed mother of the bride called and demanded additional dowry. Although the engagement ceremony was completed before the wedding. The marriage was fixed a year ago. At the same time, the widowed mother reached the SSP office and informed about the whole matter. Taking the complaint into cognizance, the SSP has directed the police station Chandaus to take action after talking to the people of the groom’s side. On the other hand, the woman alleges that she lodged a complaint in the police station. But, no action was taken. Due to which the SSP has to appeal for justice. At the same time, Chandaus police station has registered a case against the groom’s side.

Complaint was made to SSP

Elderly widow Savitri Devi, a resident of Dhamani village of Shikarpur police station of Bulandshahr, has pleaded for justice by complaining to SSP Kalanidhi Naithani of Aligarh. Widow woman Savitri Devi has said in the complaint letter that her daughter Sonia’s marriage was fixed a year ago with Vijay Singh, a resident of Risra village under Thana Chandaus. After the relationship was fixed from both sides, the date of marriage was fixed on May 22. While sending a yellow letter from the groom’s side, the preparations for the daughter’s wedding started in their house. The procession was to come on Monday, but before that the bridegroom’s side had placed a cash demand of one lakh rupees as dowry, hearing which the ground slipped under the feet of the widowed mother. On not getting the dowry, the groom refused to bring the procession. At the same time, the widowed mother reached the court of Aligarh’s SSP Kalanidhi Naithani with the daughter’s wedding card and narrated the misdeeds of the groom’s side to the SSP.

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demanded dowry of one lakh rupees

On the other hand, bride Sonia alleges that a day before bringing the wedding procession, the groom has demanded one thousand rupees in dowry along with motorcycle and gold chain. At the same time, if the demand is not met, they have refused to bring the procession. Savitri Devi, a widow, is originally a resident of Dhohla village, Gurugram, Haryana, Haryana. After the death of her husband Raj Kishore, she has been living and working as a laborer in village Dhamani under police station Shikarpur in Bulandshahr district, taking care of her daughter Sonia and children.

bridegroom absconding

In this case Chandaus police station in-charge Sitaram Saroj said that a case has been registered against the groom’s side under the Dowry Act. In which groom Vijay Singh, his uncle Bhagwan Sahai, groom’s mother Kamlesh Devi are included. While the police reached the groom’s house, all the members are absconding there. The police is raiding to catch the people of the groom’s side.

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