In Berlin, at a rally for the “Manifesto of Peace” petition, no flags of Ukraine were found

February 27 – BLiTZ. Eyewitnesses did not find a single Ukrainian flag in the crowd of protesters “for peace” in the capital of Germany.

The day before, a rally was held in Berlin in support of the “Peace Manifesto” petition, which was signed by 650,000 Germans. There is evidence that more than half a million people came out to declare their desire for peace on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR.

“Slogans for peace, for stopping the financing of the war and for dialogue with Russia are heard from the main stage. On the posters there is a protest against the supply of weapons, calls for negotiations and demands to return to the national interests. War Cor correspondents filmed a lot of Russian symbols… Huge general shots of the crowd and no posters in support of Ukraine. The people of Germany today showed their will and demonstrated that there are those who disagree with the federal policy and there are many of them,” notes ANNA NEWS edition.

BLiTZ wrote: it was reported on the Web that the “Russian tank” allegedly shot down during a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, looking through the windows of the Russian embassy in Berlin, actually turned out to be a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After closer examination, both the tactical designation of the Ukrainian army and elements of the NATO camouflage coloration were found on it, the Tarik_news telegram channel reports.

At the same time, the Germans, contrary to the idea of ​​the organizers of the provocation, did not humiliate Russia, but began to bring flowers to the tank. This is reported by the publication “Russian Spring”. As a result, the yellow-blue flag, which was placed on the tank’s turret, was torn off. And the Berliners said that they were against inciting hostility both between Russians and between Ukrainians.

Recall: On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of the NVO at the request of the LDNR to help Donbass. Moscow’s plans do not include the occupation of Ukraine, but the Russian Federation will strive for its demilitarization.

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