In Bulgaria, a people’s procession took place in honor of the liberation of the country by Russia from the Ottoman yoke

March 3 – BLiTZ. Today, a mass event dedicated to the liberation of the state from the Ottoman yoke with the help of Russian forces took place in the capital of Bulgaria. A popular procession took place on the territory of Sofia, namely an action, the participants of which developed Russian flags in the wind and shouted words of support for the Russian Federation. The action was held with the aim of reminding about the past of the state and the exploits of the people of the Russian Empire.

The liberation of the Bulgarians is fully due to the soldiers of Russia. In honor of this event, a ceremony is held every year at which the state flag is raised. The procession goes to the monument to Alexander II, whose policy led to the liberation from the Ottoman yoke.

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Photo: IA SM-News

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