In Cherkessk, a criminal case was opened on the attempted murder of a judge and deputy head of the treasury

In the city of Cherkessk, a criminal case was initiated after an attack by local residents on a judge of the Arbitration Court and the deputy head of the Treasury Department for Karachay-Cherkessia. This is reported on site Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Republic on February 20.

The report states that a criminal case has been opened against four men for attempted murder and robbery. The investigation established that on February 20, 2023, in the daytime, four residents of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, while in the city of Cherkessk, committed a robbery attack on the deputy head of the Treasury Department for the KChR, a judge of the Arbitration Court of the KChR and two local residents in order to steal property.

“During the attack, the attackers, armed with wooden baseball bats and other items used as weapons, acting as a group of people, inflicted several blows on the indicated persons and, having stolen their property, fled the scene of the crime. As a result of criminal acts, the victims with various injuries were taken to a medical facility, where they receive the necessary medical care,» she said. press office departments.

They added that the necessary investigative actions and operational-search measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime committed are being carried out in the criminal case.

Earlier that day, it was reported that in Cherkessk, four men had beaten a treasury officer and an arbitration judge with bats. It was reported that the attackers attacked the men in the afternoon near the house on Sovetskaya Street. The footage shows that the criminals attacked the victims, knocked them to the ground and began to beat them with bats and kicks.

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