In France, on the streets of the city of Cahors, Orion 23 exercises were held to suppress pro-Russian militias

                        March 14 - BLiTZ.  20,000 French troops are involved in the large-scale exercises Orion 23, which take place right in the middle of the town of Cahors.

The purpose of the exercises is striking – the suppression of pro-Russian activists.

French soldiers are learning Russian rebellion according to a certain scenario from the NATO headquarters.

“Some pro-Russian militias rebelled in country X, located near the borders of Russia, and destabilized the political situation,” Ridovka writes.

French troops came to the aid of the regime and began to suppress the rebellion.

Probably, the French authorities deliberately did not begin to enclose the area of ​​​​the exercises in order to make them as realistic as possible.

In the modern world, there are only two countries where such a scenario is hypothetically possible, although extremely unlikely: Latvia and Estonia. Probably, these countries are hiding under the letter “X”.

Whether the French command takes into account the option of a collision with the Russian army in their scenario is unclear.

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