In Garhwa, the faces of the farmers blossomed due to the monsoon, but the prices of vegetables are on the seventh sky, tomato 120-200 rupees per kg


Garhwa, Jitendra Singh: Due to the blessings of monsoon in Garhwa district, the faces of the farmers are in bloom. But, inflation has broken the back of common people. Especially the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing in Garhwa district. The price of tomatoes used in vegetables to enhance the taste has spoiled not only the taste of the people but also the budget of the kitchen. Yes, the prices of tomatoes have reached from Rs 120 to Rs 200 per kg.

Tomato has never become so expensive in 10 years

In various surrounding blocks including Garhwa district headquarters Tomato 120 to 200 per kg is being sold according to the quality. The price of tomato has deprived the common people from consuming it. Vegetable vendors say that they themselves have to buy tomatoes at expensive prices. That’s why it is their compulsion to sell expensive. He said that tomatoes had not become so expensive in the last 10 years.

50 percent of vegetables come from Ranchi

According to the shopkeepers, apart from tomatoes, the prices of other vegetables have also increased a lot. As a result, people are buying less vegetables. It is noteworthy that the price of vegetables increases during the rainy season. But this time as soon as the rain starts, the increased price of vegetables is not acceptable to the people. Significantly, 50 percent of the vegetables in Garhwa Mandi are local. And the remaining 50 percent vegetables come from other areas including Ranchi.

Vegetables price in Garhwa (per kg)

Tomato – 120- 200 rupees

Brinjal – Rs 60

Pumpkin – Rs 40

Body – Rs 50

Nenua – Rs 50

Potato – Rs 20

Onion – Rs 20

Garlic – Rs 100

Kheksa – Rs 100

Zingi – Rs 40

Cauliflower – Rs 100

Cabbage – Rs 50

Okra – Rs 40

Green chili – 100 rupees

Coriander leaves – Rs 200

Kohra – Rs 50

Pekchi – Rs 40

Bitter gourd – Rs 60

Table-60 rupees

Cucumber – Rs 60

Radish – Rs 40

Inflation created havoc in Jharkhand, kitchen budget derailed, prices of rice, pulses and oil soared, tomatoes also turned red

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