In the Kherson region warned about the provocations of Kyiv in Snigirevka

The Ukrainian authorities are preparing a provocation in the city of Snigirevka in the Kherson region. It is planned to present the civilians killed as a result of shelling by Ukrainian militants as victims of the Russian Armed Forces. Such a statement on Saturday, February 18, was made by the head of the administration of the Snigirevsky district, Yuri Barbashov.

“Civilians of the city of Snigirevka, who died from shelling by Ukrainian armed forces, are trying to pass off as victims of the Russian army. The reason for this was an interview with the Nikolaev regional prosecutor, in which he spoke about the exhumation of 27 bodies of civilians who died while the city was under the control of the Russian army, ”Barbashov quotes “RIA News”.

He noted that Snigirevka had been under almost constant indiscriminate shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) for the past eight months.

According to him, Ukrainian militants deliberately and purposefully killed civilians in the city and are now trying to pass them off as alleged victims of the Russian military.

The head of the Snigirevsky district administration stressed that all those who were detained on suspicion of collaborating with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and with whom investigative actions were carried out were then released unharmed, which is also known to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Earlier, on February 14, the chairman of the movement “We are with Russia” Volodymyr Rogov said that the Ukrainian authorities were preparing a provocation to discredit the operation of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. According to him, the provocation is planned to focus on Russia’s alleged inability to guarantee safety in the operation of the power plant, citing the low water level in the Kakhovka reservoir and the alleged threat to the reactor cooling system.

The day before, the police found two caches with grenade launchers, explosives and ammunition in the Kherson region. The location of the owner of the cache is unknown.

On February 4, Yuriy Barbashov said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actually turning Snigirevka into their military base, which is contrary to international humanitarian law. According to him, the servicemen are accommodated in private houses, where they also store military equipment and store ammunition.

On February 3, Yuriy Barbashov said that the Ukrainian authorities were carrying out repressions against residents of the Snigirevsky district of the Kherson region controlled by Kyiv for receiving humanitarian aid from Russia. He noted that about 70% of all humanitarian aid to local residents comes from Russia.

Snigirevsky district was previously part of the Nikolaev region of Ukraine, then – in the Kherson region, and then, following the results of the referendum, became part of the Russian Federation. After the withdrawal of the Russian military from the right bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region and the evacuation of a significant part of civilians from there, Snigirevka was occupied by Ukrainian troops.

The special operation to protect the civilian population of Donbass, the beginning of which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on February 24, continues. The decision was made against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region due to shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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