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Increase in the number of hidden mosques in the West


Increase in the number of hidden mosques in the West

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Italy current has over 2 million Muslims. As the building of mosques en masse is forbidden by law, Muslims are improvising the existing mosques, converting shops, gyms, discos, and even places of cultural and social activities into hidden mosques. In only two decades, Islam has become Italy’s second-largest religion. Ten times as many Muslims live in the country now as compared to the 1990s, and their numbers are set to double again by 2030, boosted by immigration from North and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, South Asia, and the Middle East. Italian Islam is growing fast, but officially, it does not exist. Due to a lack of will from successive governments and divisions within the religious community itself, Islam has never been formally recognized by the Italian state. As a consequence, Muslims may pray, but they may not build mosques. They worship instead at improvised ‘Islamic Cultural Centers’ in warehouses, shops, supermarkets, apartments, stadiums, gyms, garages, and discos.

Italian photographer Nicolò Degiorgis documented them in a five-year project that resulted in Hidden Islam (2014), a book that maps these secret sanctuaries across his native north Italy. This mosque, a converted supermarket, was photographed in Trentino in 2010. The gate-like structure in the corner is a mihrab, indicating the direction toward Mecca. Usually, the mihrab is a niche cut into a wall of the sanctuary, but this one is mobile. Since this picture was taken, the mihrab and the community have moved on. The site is now a gym.

The biggest challenge for Italy, as most of the Western nations now is to fight the Islamic invasion.

Generally, Muslims in the West, except for the United States, Britain and Canada, generate fund for building mosques under the garb of a cultural organization, which gets registered with the local authorities. Security agencies are kept into the dark about the real activities within those cultural centers. They don’t know – Muslims are being brainwashed by the clerics with heavy jihadist indoctrinations. They are taught to hate Jews, Christians, non-Muslims and infidels and to wage jihad against the Western societies until sharia and Caliphate is established. They echo the notorious slogans saying – Islam will dominate the West.

In France, an illegal Koranic school named ‘L’école des Petites Abeilles’ or ‘The Little Bees School’, where children as young as six were being indoctrinated were found by police in 2016. This Koranic school was discovered when police raided a mosque in Villiers-sur-Marne. This school, located on the first floor of the mosque, was understood to have held Koran classes for between 15 and 20 children every day, all between the ages of six and 12.

In 2018, a new report by a Paris think-tank underlines “the progress of Islamist ideology among Muslims in France”, suggesting that Salafi Islam can be stamped out through a “halal tax” and Arabic being taught in French schools.

Author Hakim El Karaoui, a consultant for the Paris think-thank who’s written on Arab and Muslim policy before, points to Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the main sources of funding for the dissemination of this radical school of thinking among France and Europe’s Muslim population.

The Montaigne Institute study highlights that this opaque financing pays for the promotion of Arabic learning among France’s Muslims at institutions that have a marked fundamentalist political-religious stance rather than just a linguistic one, the report suggests.

Through these obscure Islamic schools Salafi indoctrination “is gaining ground in France”, especially among “young people under 35”, El Karaoui suggests.

Similarly, hundreds of millions of Afro-Arab fund is entering Europe and the West into hidden mosques and Koranic schools, where the poison of religious hatred, anti-Semitism and jihadism are being planted into the minds of Muslims, thus ultimately turning them into the most potent threat to the security of those nations.

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