Independent: London wanted Taliban-certified travel documents from fleeing Afghans

March 19 – BLiTZ. The Independent published an investigation according to which London demanded documents certified by members of the Taliban * from the residents who fled Afghanistan. The agency writes <a rel=”nofollow” href=”″>RBC</a>.

Copies of birth and marriage certificates had to bear the stamps of the relevant Afghan authorities. They also talk about the procedure for obtaining the appropriate seal: first, they are issued and printed in the local language in the Kabul family courts, and then, after being translated into English, they are sent to the Foreign Ministry.

The Taliban* claimed that an unknown drone was landed by their electronic warfare equipment March 18, 2023 at 12:51

After the completion of the investigation, the publication notes, the British Ministry of Defense sent letters to the applicants, where the explanations provided by social workers were marked as incorrect.

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  • A terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation

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