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India leads by example in the world’s fight against Corona pandemic


India leads by example in the world’s fight against Corona pandemic

BL Santosh

Indian lifestyle, Namaste, yoga and the importance of Ayurveda are many things that are gaining worldwide importance. Moreover, the corona affliction has given many rewards to the Government of India and the Indians. It has taught a great lesson of self-reliance.

The world today is facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Exceptional times require exceptional measures. And totally exceptional are the measures taken by the government of India which are now admired world over. Let’s us glimpse at the actions taken by the government to understand why they are so much praised by so many world leaders.

The first indication of the coming storm came in the form of the information about a new transmissible disease by China to WHO on January 7. On the very next day. January 8, a secretary level meeting was held by the government of India and the preparation to combat the looming threat began.

Thereafter a slew of measures were enforced and thus health check up and quarantine of people arriving from China was started from 18th Immediately after this, the government ordered a ban on the export of N95 masks and PPE kits, the mainstay in the fight against Corona. By January 30th when the first case was detected in India, there were 3 labs and 6 quarantine centers were functional. Beginning in February, India decided to ban passenger flights from Singapore, south Korea and Italy which had begun to report cases by then.

By the fourth of March, health screening and two weeks home quarantine of everybody coming to India was in place. The celebration of Holi was canceled and all the schools and colleges were declared shut. All holiday destinations and recreational activities were asked to close and at the same time a social awareness campaign for maintaining social distance was launched. Indians stranded in other countries were brought back. Prime minister Narendra Modi called a meeting of SAARC nations and union government sanctioned 15,000 crores fund to fight covid19 at state level.

On March 19, the Economic Task Force was created. On March 22 Prime Minister Modi called for an unique shutdown giving it the name of ‘Janata curfew’ and united the Nation to fight the Pandemic. Thereafter instructions were passed on to the states and a total lockdown was announced for the entire country.

Timely Medical Intervention

To fight this Pandemic, Indian government facilitated much research in Indian medical field. Corona test kits are scarcely available in the world market. Therefore, various research centers, including IIT Delhi are designed corona testing kits. There will be millions of kits required for Rapid testing by May. In February, there were only 3 labs for COVID-19 testing in India. Over the month, more than 372 labs have been set up today. The goal is to set up 750 labs by the end of May. 19,000 ventilators are reserved for COVID-19 patients. By the end of May, more 30,000 will be available and ventilators will be provided to all districts of India. 22 Lakh N95 Masks have been issued so far. India has played the role of an responsible world power by providing Hydroxychloroquine to 89 countries that needed it.

US, China, South Korea, England and Germany are leading research to find a vaccine for Covid19. Similarly the Biotechnology Division of India is funding three companies—Cadilla India Limited, Serum institute and Bharat Lab. Three strains of the Covid-19 virus have been discovered. Attempts to boost human immunity through the AYUSH department guided food and lifestyle changes were advised. Emphasis is being placed on the development of robot technology in India. In Victoria Hospital, Bangalore, robots are being used to serve foods to the infected. Quality PPE kits and N-95 Mask required are self-sufficient in India.

The Indian Railways and its staff are working tirelessly during this hard time. This time around, wheat yields have increased by one and a half times in Punjab. Railways-coordinating with the state-run center and local administration, and is transporting trains with 84 bogies, approximately 2.5 km long. With all the traffic in the country being quiet, the government is leading the transport of goods by trains. More than 70 Annapurna Goods trains are traveling at their triple speed. A child from Mumbai who suffers from Autism and is allergic to cattle, buffalo and sheep milk was provided with 20lbs camel milk from Rajasthan by Indian Railways. Thousands of railway bogies are being converted to wards to serve as mobile hospitals for COVID-19.

Providing Succor to the Needy

This is the first time we encountered this problem in this era of neo-economic and modern technology. Earthquakes, tsunamis, famine and Wars, among many others, have affected only a few limited areas and caused loss to a section of people. But Now 52% of nations in the world have declared a lockdown due to the COVID-19. In US, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Canada, China, England and France, with 40 per cent of the world’s GDP, the total number of deaths from coronavirus has crossed 2 lakhs, while the total number of infected people across world is close to 30 lakh. This corona crisis has affected every citizen in the world. This predicament covers all the community and the entire world.

March and April are the months when GDP contributes 30% to the country. Most of the country’s religious festivals, fairs,wedding ceremonies and many more are celebrated during the month. In this case, it is the highest production period in the industrial sector. But due to a lockdown this month, the country’s GDP is likely to fall. The central government has taken several steps to assist the people in the three phases. Under the Garib Kalyan Jojayna package announced by the central government, 20.02crore women Jandhan accounts will get Rs 500 for three months. Rs 2000 the first installment of Kisana Sanman Nidhi has been to transferred to farmers account. The Ujjwala cylinder will be provided free of charge to 8 crore families for three months. 2.8 crore Divyangs, Widows and Senior Citizens are being given an additional 1000 per month for three months. 2.17crore Registered building workers are being paid a subsistence allowance of Rs 1500 per month.

COVID-19 doctors and nurses are getting insurance worth Rs 50 lakh. Through these, 31,235 crore grants have been directly transferred to beneficiaries’ accounts. 15,000 crores has been given to states and the central government has instructed to emphasize health care utilization and improvement. EMIs are allowed three months rotation wise The RBI has also allocated Rs 50 crore to various financial institutions to support NBRCS. Especially when it is not. 40 per cent grant should be given to small businessmen and traders.has taken several steps to reinvigorate the mutual fund and the banking system. These grants and assistance can be said to be of great help to the livelihood of the poor and the economic spirit of the next days in this COVID-19 issue. In the event of this lockdown we have put a lot of emphasis on survival. The Central Government will take appropriate action in accordance with the circumstances which are necessary for the survival of the latter. India has been largely successful in its efforts to save life in the 45 days of Lockdown. The next six months will be the most decisive battle for all to survive. With three years of continuous struggle, India will no doubt grow into a world power.

Exemplary response of Indians

With a population of 130 crores, 8.25 villages, democracy, multiparty governance, decentralisation, governance of more than 10 different political parties in different states, the whole of India is behaving like a ‘one country one—state system’. Thousands of migrant workers in Delhi’s Anand Vihar, Surat and Mumbai Bandra were wanted to move to their hometowns, but the victims were not in a mood to shout against the state or central government. Instead, they wanted to just go to their hometown. Prime Minister Modi, lead the country with the restraint and discipline of over 130 million citizens. All the citizens of India today show their confidence in the government by keeping track of every decision taken by the central government. This disciplined and restrained co-operation of the Indians is building goodwill on India and the leadership of the rest of the world.

All India’s ministers, chief ministers, central and state bureaucrats, medical departments, local government agencies and police are all working on this disaster with the utmost cooperation under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government.

Indian lifestyle, Namaste, yoga and the importance of Ayurveda are many things that are gaining worldwide importance. Moreover, the corona affliction has given many rewards to the Government of India and the Indians. It has taught a great lesson of self-reliance. In the meantime, China has lost its credibility. This effect has led many nations to relocate their businesses from China. These opportunities have been highlighted by the Prime Minister-led Government of India. Awareness on the use of indigenous materials among Indians, as a result, many Indian entrepreneurs are setting up ventures in the industrial and industrial sectors, leading to new convergence.

Thus has a wonderful campaign against a deadly virus been hugely successful so far. With the decisive leadership at the centre, proper implementation at the state level, the ingeniousness of Indians and the grace of God, India will hopefully come out of this fight not only victorious, but as a leader of the world.

Author is National Organizing Secretary, Bharatiya Janata Party

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