Indian Railway: Torrential rain canceled 17 trains passing through Lucknow, 8 trains short terminated


Lucknow:Due to incessant rains in Uttar Pradesh, flood-like conditions have started forming. From home to outside, people are troubled by water. The torrential rains in the hilly and plain areas have also put the rail operations in danger. 17 trains passing through Lucknow division have been cancelled. Railways has canceled 16 trains from the starting station for 10th July. And on July 11, one train will be cancelled. Two trains will run on the changed route. Apart from this, 8 trains have been short terminated at nearby stations including Lucknow railway station. Due to this, the passengers coming and going are facing a lot of problems. Along with this, there is a huge gathering of passengers at the railway station.

Short terminated and short originated trains

Northern Railway, Lucknow Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Rekha Sharma informed on Monday that there has been heavy waterlogging in the Sirhind-Nangaldam, Chandigarh-Sanehwal and Saharanpur-Ambala railway sections of Ambala Railway Division. Trains leaving or passing through the Lucknow division have been temporarily affected due to submergence of the rail track. On July 10, 15 trains will remain canceled from their starting station. On July 11, train number 12318 (Amritsar – Kolkata) will remain canceled from its originating station. Train number 15904 (Chandigarh-Dibrugarh) and train number 13151 (Kolkata-Jammu Tawi) will be diverted. This train will run via Moradabad-Ghaziabad-Panipat-Ambala station.

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Railway issued advisory

For the convenience of passengers, additional counters have been arranged for refund of tickets at major stations of Lucknow division.Rekha Sharma, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Northern Railway, Lucknow said that before starting their journey, passengers can call railway helpline number 139 or NTES You can get information on.

Canceled trains commencing journey on 10th July

1. Train number 12332 (Jammu Tawi – Howrah)

2. Train number 15012 (Chandigarh – Lucknow Jn)

3. Train number 12232 (Chandigarh – Lucknow)

4. Train number 13308 (Firozpur – Dhanbad)

5. Train number 13006 (Amritsar – Howrah)

6. Train number 12237 (Lucknow – Jammu Tawi)

7. Train number 22317 (Sealdah-Jammu Tawi)

8. Train number 12238 (Jammu Tawi – Lucknow)

9. Train number 14650 (Amritsar-Jaynagar)

10. Train number 13152 (Jammu Tawi – Kolkata)

11. Train number 13307 (Dhanbad – Firozpur)

12. Train number 12587 (Gorakhpur – Jammu Tawi)

13. Train number 12231 (Lucknow-Chandigarh)

14. Train number 15011 (Lucknow Jn – Chandigarh)

15. Train number 14217 (Prayagraj Sangam – Chandigarh)

16. Train number 22445 (Kanpur Central Jn- Amritsar)

Short terminated and short originated trains

1. Train number 22355 (Patliputra Jn – Chandigarh) short terminated at Saharanpur, canceled between Saharanpur to Chandigarh.

  1. Train number 13005 (Howrah – Amritsar) short terminated at Lucknow, canceled between Lucknow to Amritsar

  2. Train number 22356 (Chandigarh – Patliputra Jn) short originated from Saharanpur, canceled between Chandigarh to Saharanpur.

  3. Train number 12358 (Amritsar Jn – Kolkata) short terminated at Saharanpur, canceled between Amritsar Jn and Saharanpur.

  4. Train number 14523 (Barauni Jn – Ambala) short terminated at Bareilly, canceled between Bareilly to Ambala.

  5. Train number 14673 (Jaynagar – Amritsar) short terminated at Bareilly, canceled between Bareilly to Amritsar.

  6. Train number 13151 (Kolkata-Jammu Tawi) short terminated at Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction, canceled between Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction to Jammu Tawi.

8. Train number 14649 (Jaynagar – Amritsar) short terminated at Delhi, canceled between Delhi and Amritsar.

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