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Indian spy agency patronizing Hong Kong protesters


Indian spy agency patronizing Hong Kong protesters

Suraiyya Aziz from Hong Kong

Taking undue advantage of the current chaotic situation in Hong Kong, which was originally initiated by a local tabloid named the Apple Daily, Indian spy agency Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) operatives are giving instigations as well as providing logistics to the protesters, clearly with the motive of establishing its dominance over China.

Apple Daily has become Hong Kong’s biggest official champion of that ongoing “pro-democracy” movement. The newspaper of the protesters. Its strident front pages rally citizens to go out and march, it has given away posters to raise at demonstrations, and it regularly taunts the government for its failures. This tabloid is owned by a tycoon named Jimmy Lai, who is a refugee from mainland China.

Although analysts say, the current chaos of some students in the name of democracy would ultimately spoil the economic growth and prospect of Hong Kong, some vested interest groups are enthusiastically extending support to it. China being world dominant economic power as well as military might has so many exposed and hidden enemies. In Asia, its most prominent enemy is India, which has been consistently making bids in stopping China from emerging as the global super-power, despite the fact of India being one of the world’s poorest nations having high volume of unemployment. Ever since the rise of radical Hindutva with the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2014, India gradually is becoming a rogue nation promoting Hindutva extremism and massacre of non-Hindu populace in the country. The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi though enjoys popular support in his country has been on record seen as a great fan of Adolph Hitler. It may be mentioned here that, India’s independence leader Subhash Chandra Bose had joined Hitler Nazi forces along with thousands of Indians and had actively abetted in the Holocaust.

In Hong Kong, a number of business establishments run by Indians have turned into the activity centers of RAW where the spy agency operatives are holding secret meetings. The recent attack on the Hong Kong airport was a part of RAW’s conspiracy while the agency is making frantic bids of instigating the students in going to massive rampage on various business establishments, which are owned by migrants from the mainland China. It also is giving instigations of armed attacks on the law enforcing agencies and setting fire on various financial institutions in Hong Kong. As part of RAW’s agenda, Indian media are giving enthusiastic supports towards the protesters in Hong Kong.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Karen

    September 8, 2019 at 18:56

    Excuse me but what is your basis for this piece of ‘news’? Do you realise the Indian community in HK is a tiny miniscule percentage of the HK population and malicious news such as this click bait in the garb of ‘news’ is a very dangerous step on a very slippery slope?

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