India’s aim is world welfare along with the nation: Mohan Bhagwat


Jabalpur, 18 April (Hindustan Times). Bharat is from eternal times. The purpose of Bharatvarsha is immortal. Every nation has some or the other reason for its existence. India has been the purpose of the year since the beginning of creation. Everyone gets enough after achieving their respective purpose. The purpose of India is the welfare of the world along with the nation, so its limit is impossible. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat said these things on Tuesday in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He was speaking at the second death anniversary program of Brahmalin Jagadguru Shyamdevacharya.

Dr. Bhagwat inaugurated the idol of Dr. Shyamdevacharya in the Narasimha temple on this occasion. He said that India is the only country which accepted every form of God, never fought over the form of any God. India is the only country which considers the whole world as one. Sanatan culture connects everyone. The whole world is running on the basis of Sanatan Dharma. India is still alive today because of the conduct based on truth. Countries were formed in the name of language, religion, sect, but this did not happen with India.

He said that even after reaching the pinnacle of glory, when India did not get satisfaction, it started looking inside itself. At last he found again what is called Truth and Eternal Bliss. Got the knowledge that all are creation of one God so no one is different. The sages of India thought that everyone should get the knowledge that we have got. Then he established it assuming Dharma, hence it was called Dharma.

Dr. Bhagwat said that every four years a new tradition comes, in which different things happen. It is India that tells that all are one. India is alive today. For this reason, traditions from every corner of the world find themselves safe in India. This sentiment and vision is derived from our Hindu, Sanatan Dharma, which has the feeling of welfare of all.

He said that on the basis of tradition, it can be said that after fulfilling its purpose, that nation becomes an end, but the purpose of Bharatvarsh is immortal, the tone of its existence is different, therefore Bharatvarsh is like this. Except India, this concern remains in all nations that we have to live, we do not have to die. Anyway man is a weak creature. Even a small mosquito bothers us. Being weak, man considered it in his interest to live together. So he formed the group, which is called Kabila. The enemy is afraid of living in the clan. Man is the weakest, it is true but God gave him sharp intelligence, so he became the king of all beings. Clans used to fight, there was bloodshed, so the king was made. We all should stick together, which increases strength.

Great man has an interview with God

Dr. Bhagwat said that God is interviewed by a great man. Accepting the teachings of the saints, let us all walk on the path of religion. Personalities like Shyamdevacharya remain with us even after their death. Then it is possible that today only we, the whole world is saying that India is a future superpower. Without Shakti Lord Shiva is also a dead body, but our Shakti will protect the weak. Dr. Bhagwat said that we all should have one opinion for environmental protection. Sanatan Dharma is the Hindu nation, Hindu culture. India is going to become Vishwa Guru and we have to become it. Stand your way of life according to Sanatana Dharma. It is noteworthy that Dr. Bhagwat took the blessings of sage saints after unveiling the statue of Brahmalin Jagadguru Shyamadevacharya in the Narasimha temple complex.

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