India’s initiative to discuss 6G at global telecom body


India will increase its participation in the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) policy-making process on the new global vision of 6G and new international rules for satellite communications.

According to officials, given the global focus on the telecom and digital industry, India may use the G20 platform to push its agenda. India does not want to stay away from the global technology policy conversation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate ITU’s first innovation center and area office on Wednesday. According to sources, on this occasion, the Prime Minister can also announce the circular of 6G vision. Parallel to this, there will also be a conclave of communication ministers of neighboring countries and G-20 countries.

ITU is the specialized agency for information and communications technology (ITC) of the United Nations. India is giving great importance to ITU. India has recently won a special position in the Radio Regulation Board (RRB) of ITU. India’s member Revathi Mannepalli has won the election. He got the support of 139 out of 180 countries. RRB is the apex body to resolve the issues and issues on frequency allocation.

focused on 6G

ITU oversees the full range of 6G cellular technology.

According to officials, India is pursuing 6G technology under the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This technology may come at the end of this decade.

The Telecom Ministry said that India aims to take the initiative to set standards for 6G technology and release technical innovations.

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