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Infamous charlatan David Haigh caught of notorious crimes

Princess Haya, David Haigh, Marcus Essabri, Princess Latifa


Infamous charlatan David Haigh caught of notorious crimes

Infamous British fraudster David Lawrence Haigh, who has given false statements to the British High Court in connection with Dubai-ruler Sheikh Abdur Rashid al-Maktoum and his runaway wife Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein, making false claims of being a friend and contact of one of Sheikh Maktoum’s daughters named Sheikha Latifa has finally been found guilty of numerous criminal offenses, which include money laundering and lying with the High Court. Writes Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

David, a self-proclaimed human rights activist is the owner of a company named Haigh International Justice. He had earlier fooled the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Australian broadcast company’s 60-minute-show as well as a number of British newspapers with numerous lies. Another fraud and scammer named Tiina Jauhiainen has been a partner of David in most of his criminal actions.

According to court documents, Mr. Justice Henshaw of the High Court of Justice Business and Property Courts of England and Wales Queen’s Bench on May 19, 2020 had delivered his verdict into the Case number CL-2017-000058. Defendants of the case are: David Lawrence Haigh, The Cove Estates Limited (formerly known as Elia Enterprises, Hotel Cove Limited, Cove Lamorna Limited (dissolved on May 22, 2018), Mont Fleury Limited, Cloatley Hospitality Limited, Sport Capital Limited, and Alison Louise Thomas.

What the verdict said

David Lawrence Haigh of Haigh International Justice attempted to frustrate proceedings on numerous occasions.  “Mr Haigh’s propensity “to put forward medical grounds or seeking adjournment without any adequate medical evidence to support the assertions which he makes as to his incapacity or inability to attend and participate in the proceedings”, and proceeded to analyze the latest evidence Mr Haigh had submitted.  The judge concluded that it did not support the suggestion that Mr Haigh was subject to emergency hospitalization, nor show any grave medical condition such as would justify adjournment; rather, the application was “again a late attempt to derail the proceedings.

Serious crime of Money Laundering committed by David

The court concluded that Haigh’s assets were purchased with embezzled funds, including a farm and the Cove hotel in Penzance, Cornwall.  “properties at The Cove were purchased with funds misappropriated from GFH by Mr Haigh”.  GFH will now seek to enforce the judgment against Haigh’s assets.

Following the verdict, an organization named Detained in Dubai on its website said: “It is important to note that Detained in Dubai issued a fraud alert on David Haigh after he publicly represented to be the founder and CEO of the organization, as well as deliberately misrepresenting that he had represented clients of Detained in Dubai.  David Haigh further plagiarized copyrighted material from prominent law firms Guernica37 and Corker Binning”.

Talking to this correspondent, a source inside the National Crime Agency (NCA) said, they will wait for the Supreme Court verdict to begin legal actions against David Lawrence Haigh and his cohorts.

It further said, as the High Court has already found evidence of David Haigh’s properties being purchased with laundered cash, it may now consider recommending a travel ban on him.

Suspended from practicing as a Solicitor

It may be mentioned here that, David Lawrence Haigh has been suspended from practicing as a Solicitor by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.  Several complaints have been made to the SRA since his suspension.  David Haigh has been subject to a number of police reports, including from his sister.

False claim of representing Sheikha Latifa

David Haigh has further misrepresented that he represents Dubai-Princess Sheikha Latifa and that she contacted him from the yacht Nostromo during her escape. She was never in touch with David Haigh and nor did she instruct him.

With the false claim of being the representative of Sheikha Latifa, David Haigh, and his cohort Tiina Jauhiainen had appeared in a number of television shows in Britain and Australia and also have been interviewed by various newspapers in Britain and other countries. The sole intention of appearing in the television shows as newspaper interviews were aimed at buying sympathy from the people and extract money with the false pretense of fighting for the “release of Sheikha Latifa. It may be mentioned here that, Blitz has published numerous reports proving Sheikha Latifa had already been murdered inside a palace in Dubai. It may be further mentioned that a number of scammers are continuing to collect funds selling the false story of Sheikha Latifa being alive and held inside a palace in the United Arab Emirates.

Prince Haya sponsored David and Tiina

According to reliable sources, Jordanian Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein had hired David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen against monthly fees for running false propaganda on the case of Sheikha Latifa with the ulterior motive of blackmailing Sheikh Abdur Rashid Bin Maktoum. Princess Haya had fled Dubai with millions of dollars in cash, while she has been dating her bodyguard and a number of her ex-classmates. One of Princess Haya’s ex-dates is an active member of mega-terror outfit Hamas.

An assassination bid

With the direct patronization of Princess Haya and her funding, David Lawrence Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen held a number of meetings with several members of Hamas in Britain with the notorious agenda of getting the Dubai-ruler assassinated either through suicide attack or by shooting him from sniper rifles. According to credible sources, David and Tiina were negotiating a 14-million-dollar deal with Hamas for this assassination bid.

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