Inspector General John Sopko says US mistakes contributed to the fall of the Afghan government

February 28 – BLiTZ. The Afghan government, which was supported by the West, fell because of the mistakes made by the official Washington. John Sopko, Inspector General of the United States Government for Afghanistan, made this statement. Details are reported by the TASS news outlet.

Recall that in 2021, the Taliban * seized power in the Middle East state.

“The US approach to the reconstruction of the Afghan National Security Forces lacked the political will to devote the time and resources needed to rebuild the entire security sector…” Sopko said.

The speaker stressed that as a result he created a structure, but it could not function autonomously, as unattainable benchmarks were set.

The former authorities of the country collapsed because of Washington, the inspector general is convinced.

“None of the parties has shown political commitment to doing everything possible to solve the problems,” the text explains.

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