Interest in Atomic Heart has quadrupled

Over the past month, the number of search queries for the Atomic Heart game on Ozon has quadrupled, the press service of the marketplace told Izvestia. According to Yandex statistics, in January the game was searched twice as often as in December, similar figures are shown by Google analytics.

“Gamers are actively looking for a new product on the marketplace and add it to their favorites in their personal account so as not to miss the release. In the near future, Atomic Heart will appear at private sellers both in digital form and on disks, ”the Ozon press service said.

As for retail, M.Video-Eldorado reported that pre-orders in stores started a week ago, and physical media brought into the country through parallel imports are expected in late March or early April.

“The game will be available for the PS4, PS5 and Xbox game consoles, completely in Russian,” Andrey Petrov, a representative of the retailer, said.

According to him, at the pre-order stage, the game has already become one of the most popular new products. It is ahead of the project of the American developer Electronic Arts – Dead Space, but behind the game in the Harry Potter universe – Hogwarts Legacy, which was released on February 10th.

In Russia, the game will be officially available only in digital form on PC in the VK Play store. Users will have access to it on February 21. At the moment, three versions are available for pre-order – the standard edition will cost 2499 rubles, with additions – 3199 rubles and premium – 3599 rubles.

At the same time, the global publisher of the project, Focus Entertainment, has decided not to supply discs for consoles to Russia and not to distribute the game in domestic Xbox and PlayStation digital stores. However, as the Izvestia correspondent found out, Russian owners of the Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscription (which allows you to play all Microsoft projects and studios that cooperate with the company on the day of release) will still be able to install Atomic Heart. You don’t even need to change the region on your Xbox console or use VPN services to do this.

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