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Interpol issues Red Notice on cop killer Aarav Khan

Interpol has issued a red notice on Rabiul Islam Rabiul alias Aarav Khan, the owner of Dubai’s controversial Aarav Jewellers and a fugitive suspect in the murder of a police officer, in line with Bangladesh’s request.

Aarav Khan is shown as Rabiul Islam Rabiul, 35, in the wanted list on Interpol’s website.

Earlier, while talking to journalists in Chattogram, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Abdullah Al Mamun on March 20 said Interpol already accepted Bangladesh’s request on sending a red notice against Rabiul Islam Rabiul alias Arav Khan, the accused in the police murder case.

According to police, Aarav’s real name is Rabiul Islam. On July 7 in 2018, police inspector Mamun Emran Khan was murdered in Dhaka.

On April 11, 2019, Detective Branch of police pressed charges against Rabiul and nine others in the murder case of Mamun Emran Khan, the then inspector of the special branch (SB) of police. Then, Rabiul Islam Rabiul went into hiding.

Now, he is a billionaire gold trader in Dubai, police added. Meanwhile, Blitz in an report has revealed Aarav Khan alias Rabiul Islam’s connections with Russian mafias and smuggling rackets.

A Red Notice is a request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action, according to the Interpol’s website.

It is based on an arrest warrant or court order issued by the judicial authorities in the requesting country, it added.

Member countries apply their own laws in deciding whether to arrest a person.

Where is Aarav Khan now?

While some newspapers in Bangladesh are publishing speculative reports of gossips claiming Aarav Khan had fled Dubai and now is either in the United States or Canada, our Dubai correspondent said, Aarav Khan has not fled Dubai and is under custody of law enforcement agencies.

It is also learnt that the UAE authorities have already cancelled residency permit and trade licenses it has earlier issued in favor of Aarav Khan alias Rabiul Islam, while his bank accounts in Dubai has also been frozen.

Our correspondent further said, since Rabiul Islam alias Aarav Khan had entered Dubai using Indian passport, after his real identity been revealed, Dubai authorities will no more allow him to stay in the country or continue any sort of activities. It said, Dubai may extradite Aarav Khan and his wife to India.

Meanwhile, according to another source, Aarav Khan’s father, mother, and two sisters, who also are currently in Dubai are not living in extreme fear as they are witness to most of the secret activities of Aarav Khan. It said, several members of a Russian mafia and gold smuggling racket is also looking for Aarav Khan as he reportedly took six-thousand-kilograms of gold bars from them for selling in the local market hours before he has stopped communicating with anyone.

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