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Iranian cyber team working for Biden-Harris


Iranian cyber team working for Biden-Harris

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Iranian mullahs are anxiously waiting to see an end to Trump-era and have Joe Biden and his “running-mate” Kamala Harris, who already have pledged to re-enter into nuclear deal with Iran and even lift sanctions. Earlier, Jerry Dunleavy wrote in the Washington Examiner that Iranian hackers are targeting state election websites and pushing disinformation.

He said, an Iranian cyber group was responsible for the targeting of U.S. election websites, the voter intimidation emails sent to potential voters, and the dissemination of election-related disinformation on voter fraud through a propaganda video this month, according to the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the bureau issued a joint cybersecurity advisory related to an Iranian “advanced persistent threat” hacker organization just a few days before Tuesday’s presidential election, saying the U.S. analysis indicated that the Iranians had also “scanned state websites, to include state election websites” in late September and that it was also observed “attempting to exploit websites to obtain copies of voter registration data” in September and October. CISA and the FBI confirmed that the Iranian hackers “successfully obtained voter registration data in at least one state” and that “a review of the records that were copied and obtained reveals the information was used in the propaganda video.”

An FBI FLASH Alert also noted that Iranian cyber actors “are likely intent on influencing and interfering with the U.S. elections to sow discord among voters and undermine public confidence in the US electoral process” and “are creating fictitious media sites and spoofing legitimate media sites to spread anti-American propaganda and misinformation about voter suppression.” The FBI said that the Iranians “had taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election” and advised that the Iranian-backed propaganda video that has circulated online “is almost certainly intended to make U.S. voter information and the voting process appear insecure and susceptible to fraud.”

Although FBI said, there is no indication that the Iranian hackers have changed any votes or that they have the ability to interfere with any tallies, according to a number of reliable sources, Iranian hackers are already backed by hackers from Russia, and they are capable of changing votes in favor of Joe Biden.

Why Iranians love Biden-Harris?

One of the key reasons for Iran to support Biden-Harris is their firm determination in ending America’s enmity with Iran. Similarly, Indian hackers are also working in favor of Joe Biden, especially because Kamala Harris is a half-Indian. Policymakers in India too are desperately looking for seeing a half-Indian in the White House as the Vice President, while they also believe, Kamala Harris can establish great influence on Joe Biden and may even run the country as a de fecto president.

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