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Iranian diplomats and professionals are covert jihadists


Iranian diplomats and professionals are covert jihadists

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In 2018, Iran sent half-a-ton of TATP explosives in diplomatic packages through a civilian airplane. That civilian plane was headed to Paris and was supposed to be used to carry out a jihadist attack in the French capital.

On June 22, 2018, an Iranian diplomat transported those explosives in a civilian airplane from Tehran to Austria on flight OS872. The explosives were delivered in a diplomatic suitcase aboard Airbus A320. That airplane had 240 passengers in it. According to aviation and explosive experts, the plane would have blown in the midair if it had entered into strong pockets of air.

According to the report, the civilian plane flew from Tehran to Geneva in June 2018. The attacks were supposed to be carried out by an undercover Iranian intelligence agent in Australia. However, the French intelligence foiled the attack following the arrest of a Belgian couple of Iranian origin who had the explosives in their vehicle while traveling to Paris.

Sources implied that that was precisely what happened to the Russian plane, Metrojet Flight 9268, that exploded shortly after take-off from the Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt in 2015. When that happened, all 244 passengers were killed by an explosive charge weighing only half a kilogram of TNT.

It is further learnt that while Iran has been using diplomatic privileges in transporting explosives and weapons with the notorious plot of terrorist attacks, some of the Palestinian embassies in the world are using similar privileges in transporting drugs.

A few years back, the Palestinian envoy in Bangladesh, Shahta Zarab was reportedly transporting drugs inside diplomatic parcels at the request of notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company. Zarab was maintaining deeper connections with the D-Company operatives in Asia and other continents.

ISIS and Iran separately plotting attacks

According to intelligence reports, Islamic State (ISIS) is plotting suicide attacks on the United States on July 4th, while Iranians also are engaged into similar notoriety as Tehran wants to take revenge of President Donald Trump’s walking out of the nuclear deal.

Credible sources in an intelligence agency told Blitz, ISIS and Hamas also are plotting massive jihadist attacks in London during Christmas or New Year’s Eve while ISIS also is on the same plot of jihadist attacks during Christmas and new year eve in several Western cities.

It may be mentioned here that Hamas has a significant presence in the United Kingdom.

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