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Is pro-Sharia Jordanian monarchism about to fall?


Is pro-Sharia Jordanian monarchism about to fall?

Smriti Sen Gupta

Although there is very little chance of anything like Arab Sprint return with much more vigor, the fate of pro-Sharia Jordanian royal family and its cruel dictatorship seems to sealed.

In April 2018, eminent columnist Dr. Mordechai Kedar in an article in the Arutz Sheva wrote: Towards the end of  2010, when the “Arab Spring” erupted destabilizing governments and social order in most of the Middle Eastern countries, questions began to be raised about the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and whether the tidal waves sweeping across the Arab world would reach its borders. So far, King Abdullah II has succeeded in stopping the destructive advance at the country’s borders, although over the past seven years, several manifestations of support for ISIS were observed, mainly in Maan, in Southern Jordan, and in the Syrian-populated refugee camps up north.

The kingdom’s intelligence directorate, the Mukhabarat, is the regime’s main arm for maintaining control, but there are significant outside forces – the USA, Europe, Israel – who never cease to guard the kingdom from those who have undermined the foundations of law and order upon which the modern world bases its existence.

Israel, especially, sees the Jordanian Hashemit Kingdom as a buffer zone between the Jewish state and the general chaos characterizing its neighbors to the east – Iraq and Syria – and peace with Jordan is considered a strategic asset to be preserved at all costs, even if Israel has to pay for it with hard currency in relinquishing sovereignty over parts of Jerusalem. Every time Arab-Islamic violence erupts in Israel’s capital, Israel gives in to the Jordanian dictates, agreed upon in the 1994 peace treaty, granting the kingdom the status of “Guardian of the holy places of Islam in Jerusalem.” In giving in to Jordanian dictates, Israel is guided by the belief – or the fear – that if the king does not live up to his obligations on this issue, his entire monarchy could lose its legitimacy and collapse.

At this point, it is important to mention the ethnic makeup of Jordan’s citizens (excluding the Syrian and Iraqi refugees). These are divided roughly and schematically into two populations: Bedouin and Palestinian, with the first making up about a quarter of the citizenry and the second the other three quarters. The Palestinians are of two types: Those who are dwell in the villages (“falakhim”) and cities (“mdanim”) of the “Small Fertile Crescent” stretching from the fertile parts of Jordan near Amman north to the Syrian border and east to Zarka, and those refugees and migrants who moved from the western bank of the Jordan River to its eastern bank from 1948 on.

In the Arab world, there are vast cultural differences between rural and urban Bedouin, with each group looking down on the other. Both, however, consider the desert dwellers primitive and lower class and there are very few marriages between the groups. Ever since the establishment of the “Transjordan Emirates” in 1921, its rulers, Abdullah I, his grandson Hussein ibn Talel and Hussein’s son Abdullah II, relied on the Bedouin to fill the ranks of intelligence, army, and administrative positions. The Palestinians, routinely kept from filling any governmental or security posts – were directed to money-making areas and are actually the sector that forms the economic basis of the kingdom. They well recall the 1970 “Black September” when King Hussein massacred thousands of Palestinians who, led by Yasir Arafat, threatened his monarchy.

Hamas controlling Jordanian royal palace

People in Jordan are fully aware of the fact that King Abdullah’s wife Queen Rania is in fact the de facto ruler of the country. Rania, a Palestinian who also is a member of notorious terror outfit Hamas has always been extremely active in imposing stricter Sharia rule in the country and adopting repressive laws and policies, with the ulterior motive of transforming Jordan into a country where people must pay for the luxury and limitless looting of the ruling elites. Although many Westerners wrongly perceive Rania as a moderate woman and even an icon of stylish attires, she, in reality, is a notorious individual who has been stealing hundreds and millions of dollars from the State exchequer and not only spending lavishly or buying properties in abroad, she also is contributing huge amount of money to Hamas on a regular basis. Queen Rania even is accused of using American aid money towards mega terror outfit Hamas.

The hypocrisy of the Jordanian monarchs

Our readers are already aware of the notoriety and extreme perversion of King Abdullah’s half-sister Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, who has been sleeping with many men since her younghood and recently been making foul bids in extorting the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Maktoum. What people are not aware of is, Princess Haya is helping Hamas through her contacts in the West and even getting this notorious group media exposure. She has been collecting money and sending it to Hamas. It may be mentioned here that, Princess Haya’s mother is from Palestine, while Queen Rania’s parents were members of Hamas. Both the women, in reality, are jihadists and notoriously anti-Semite in disguise of moderate Muslims.

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