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ISIS plans to spread its attack range to other South Asian nations


ISIS plans to spread its attack range to other South Asian nations

Anita Mathur

Following the notorious attacks in Sri Lanka, Islamic State (ISIS) is reportedly planning to expand its attack range in a number of South Asian nations including Bangladesh, India and Nepal. According to experts, ISIS has been airlifted from Iraq and Syria into Afghanistan and one example of it is the barbaric attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. They added saying the attacks in Sri Lanka have vindicated what ISIS has been saying. Earlier The Sri Lankan authorities said that National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) was behind the attacks on three churches and three luxury hotels. But lately, ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attacks and named the suicide bombers involved, proving capacity of ISIS in expanding its notoriety up to South Asia.

Since 9/11, Sri Lanka attacks are the deadliest outside of the intense war zones of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Expansion of ISIS network up to South Asia now clearly proves – government of the South Asian nations have to immediately reshuffle its policies and approach towards radical Islam and jihad.


ISIS has been silently syndicating with so-called homegrown jihadist groups in a number of nations. We are aware of its affiliations with Philippines-based Abu Saiyyaf. It is part of a wider pattern which has also involved attacks in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey and the United States, some carried out by individuals acting alone, others more clearly connected to ISIS.

The precise details of the movement that caused the carnage in Sri Lanka are not easy to decipher, not least because of the political divisions within the Sri Lankan government and an intense blame game now under way, but it appears to have been a detailed, sophisticated and long-planned operation which goes well beyond being “inspired” by ISIS. Rather, those attackers were active members of ISIS. Indeed the indications that some of the bombers were highly educated and had worked and studied abroad, are uncomfortably close to the make-up Frankfurt Cell that was at the root of 9/11.


Another important point is, up to now, over sixty thousand ISIS fighters had already been killed in the Middle East and now it is clearly understood, this notorious radical Islamic jihadist group has the capability of targeting newer nations and even expanding its range. It won’t be unwise to predict, the real number of ISIS members are not within the knowledge of any of the intelligence agencies in the world. Meaning, there could be ISIS members in any of the nations in the world – be it the United States or any of the European nations or Bangladesh.

This newspaper has been consistently warning about possible jihadist attacks in the South Asian nations as well as expansion of Islamic State. We also have exposed the notorious activities of a Bangladeshi sacked military officer who has been living in Britain with his family. According to media reports, Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, his wife Farjana Anjum and their daughters are affiliated with jihadist groups while Shahid Khan is one of the funder of ISIS. Moreover, this man has already recruited an individual named M. Sajjad Hussain, who has been living in Texas, and has been working in radicalizing local Muslims as well as implementing Shahid Uddin Khan’s notorious plan of jihadist attacks in that country.

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