Israel will reach civil war in a matter of weeks

Mehr Lalba Agency – Jihad Ayoub: Israel, which was beaten internally and confused externally after America’s war in Ukraine, is today like God’s bull after it was destroyed by slaughter. Let’s not say that the temporary Zionist organization has ended, and the Arabs drink urine present. The internal politics you suffer from, in addition to the unorganized or unorganized uprising of the Mujahid youth. affiliated with the Palestinian parties!

As for the false events between the Zionist entity and some Arab regimes, especially Bahrain, the Emirates and Sudan, and those under the table with Saudi Arabia, they did not invest much in their security, despite the success of intelligence cooperation with Talaq. Adoul, but it failed within the Palestinian interior, and despite the supposed interaction of President Mahmoud Abbas with Israel, he is no longer hostile. Israel knows me, where are the slaps and blows of the Palestinian youth, who thought that my success was through the media and the arts of mercenaries in memory, homeland, customs and traditions!

Today, the rulers of the theater in Israel seek an open agreement with the Saudi regime, but they believe that the battle and the alternative war are different, and they want our priority to be to meet the laws, with the exception of racial disintegration.

Today, the rulers of the stage in Israel are seeking an open agreement with the Saudi regime, but they believe that the battle and the alternative war are different, and they want our priority to be pleasing to the authorities, with the exception of racial disintegration! and occupation of Iraq. Regions and criminal kidnapping, but the war strengthens the papers!

Our papers that seek resistance and focus on security are:

– We are in the stage of security for our borders and the Israeli army, and this document is an investigation in a wide area. Ensuring food security for our peoples and regions. – Providing medicine after us, deceiving America in the Lebanese economy, blockade on Syria, criminal sanctions on Iran, wars in Yemen, and chaos in Iraq. – Civil peace in Lebanon, and the fact that the resistance is a mistake, basically prevents the attack, while the Lebanese gangs from America, and the countries active in Lebanon go hand in hand with the legitimacy as they want to destroy it. Lebanese civil peace! – Protecting the state in Lebanon, and that all the corrupt in the state are American reserves! – Protecting and preserving the Lebanese Republic with patience, so do not accept loss or change of fate! – Serious work to bypass the American embargo and sanctions, and whoever says that there are no embargoes and sanctions is not compatible with politics, but he cannot watch, and even if he watches, he does not measure, and even if he is happy. What America is doing is anti-patriotic! Providing all means of aid without noise to the Palestinian resistance fighters inside Palestine. Maritime control and superiority. – The continued Israeli attrition.

This is the alternative war for military weapons, it is the horizon of today’s war, and the life of Israel… It is the current and future stage, it is the real ongoing battle, and the rest of the Israeli strikes are repeated but ineffective. Including our attack, Syria will attack, and of course the response will be on the fronts. different places!

At sea, the Iranian naval force is superior to the Israeli naval force, if not stronger, and this situation is the main problem for the life of the Zionist organization, because 87% of its exports and imports take place through the sea, and it is organically linked to the sea, and until now all sea voyages are Israeli losses.

And all the Israeli bulls that are slaughtered at home take the Iranians to the sea, and at sea the Iranian navy is superior to the Israeli naval force, if not stronger, and this situation constitutes the basic problem of life. The Zionist entity, because 87% of its exports and imports cross borders and are organically linked to the sea. Until now, all sea voyages were Israeli losses, and finally the three ships that attacked Iran before me, and only the first was recognized by Israel, even though the ships did not complete the organization of the usurper, and I suffered a lot!

There is no doubt that draining Israel internally is more than its powers, and there are many areas of penetration through which criticism and media struggle is carried out, especially the West Bank movement, the West Bank and the axis, and its arming during the official mandate of the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Ali Khamenei, and for many years the strength of commitment is evident in Current move!

Israel today, in light of the new war, is responding to the actions of the axis, and is no longer sticking to the cards that remind us, and loses most of the time. I can confirm that Israel will reach civil war in a matter of weeks!

Jihad Ayoub is a writer, critic and political analyst

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