Ivanov pointed to the silence of the United States of an environmental emergency with a train and chemicals

The United States pays a lot of attention to balloons, but hushed up an environmental emergency in Ohio, where a train with dangerous chemicals derailed, said on February 16 in an interview TASS Sergey Ivanov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport.

“Do you think anyone in America talks and writes about this? No, absolutely. They are engaged in probes there,” Ivanov said.

According to him, this incident is a serious environmental disaster. And the situation is aggravated by the fact that, in order to eliminate the consequences, the authorities decided to set fire to the leaking chemicals.

“And they burn for a week. During this time, in the entire district, all the fish and all the animals died, the fire continues, a substance called phosgene is released into the air. During World War I, phosgene was the official chemical weapon,” Ivanov said.

At the same time, he pointed to the politicization of the West’s reaction to the environmental emergency in Ohio. In his opinion, if this happened in Russia, then Western countries and the media would not miss the opportunity to accuse the Russian authorities of creating a global environmental catastrophe.

“And silence in America. That’s what ecology is – it’s politics,” he summed up.

In early February, a major train accident occurred near the town of East Palestine in the United States, as a result of which the train derailed and crashed into a building. Chemical tanks overturned and exploded. Emergency services had to evacuate about one and a half thousand citizens from houses adjacent to the accident site.

Later, environmental activists reported the death of fish and domestic animals in the area of ​​the state of emergency and expressed fear that hazardous substances could spread in water and air, and also accused the authorities of hushing up the largest environmental disaster. The incident was called Chernobyl in Ohio.

On February 16, political commentator and Fox News journalist Tomi Laren wrote that a real crisis is brewing in Ohio due to the fact that US President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are not going to deal with the consequences of the accident. Instead, she said, American authorities are focused on Ukraine.

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