Izvestia: Spanish expert Puigseg announced the direct benefit of the United States from undermining the Nord Streams

February 28 – BLiTZ. The Izvestia publication, citing an interview with Josep Puigsega, an expert on Russia from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​told Xinhua news agency that the White House is an interested party in sabotage on the Nord Stream pipeline.

According to the expert, we are talking about a strategy for forcing the FRG to become dependent on American energy sources. Every day there are more and more facts about the direct involvement of the United States in the incident with the pipelines of the Nord Stream pipelines, Puigseg stated. The benefit of Washington is too obvious and is not hidden by the Biden team, the expert noted.

However, in the long term, Russia’s withdrawal from the German gas market brings a favorable prospect for Moscow to work with consumers from Asia, the specialist emphasized.

Recall that Russia is powerfully continuing the NWO in Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022. The forces of the NM of the DPR and LPR provide firm support to the Russian Defense Ministry in the denazification of the southeastern territories of the country.

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