Jharkhand: Dispute started between two parties in Katras on a minor matter, many people, houses and vehicles damaged


Dhanbad News: Fighting continued throughout the day in Katras over a minor issue and the administration was also busy. The whole matter is said to be related to the theft of a Toto’s battery charger. According to the information, Janardan Yadav planted his pot on Thursday night near his house located near Chhatabad Kailudih Khatal. The same night at 11.20, four youths stole the battery charger of the said Toto. This incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed at the nearby grocery shop Parmanand Yadav.

In the morning, when Janardan Yadav saw the picture of the four youths stealing in the CCTV camera, he complained about it to the general store of Bablu Ansari, a resident of Chhatabad cashew plantation, and asked him to identify the accused youths. After this, along with Bablu Ansari, many other youths started going with Janardan. Seeing this, there was an argument with the youth of Chattabad cashew garden. Due to this, stone pelting started from both the sides. Lathis and sticks started running. Soft drink bottles started being thrown at each other.

In this sequence, people from one side hurled a bomb near Bablu’s shop. Apart from Bablu standing in the shop, Mo Shamim Akhtar, Mo Naushad Ansari, Shahnawaz Ansari, Dilshad Ansari and Mo Aftab were injured. In this sequence, Janardan Yadav and his son Paras Yadav also got injured. The matter did not stop here, after the bombing, stone pelting started. Due to this many vehicles, two Totos were badly damaged. On information, Katras SHO Randhir Singh reached with the police force, but the stone pelting continued. After a lot of effort, the police pacified the atmosphere. After this, police force has been deployed in the area.

Many houses and vehicles damaged

Many nearby houses were damaged in this stone pelting, while half a dozen vehicles were also broken. Among those who were damaged, Yasmin Parveen’s house and Malti Devi’s house were damaged, while two tempos (JH10BW-9948 and JH10Q-1613), one scooty (JH10BT-5480), two Totos, one Katras police vehicle were damaged. Including the vehicles of common passers-by were also damaged.

Had the police been alert, the matter would not have progressed

According to the experts, the matter would not have progressed had the police remained alert. In fact, there was an uproar regarding this matter at nine in the morning itself. Eight people were injured in this. The injured were sent by the police for treatment. The police was camping at the spot, but the police could not immediately control the incident in the afternoon. People said that if seriousness had been taken only after the incident in the morning, this situation would not have happened.

Jharkhand: Violent clash between two parties in Katras over theft of battery charger, bombardment, lathi charge, Section 144 invoked

Many pets also got hurt

Many poor Toto drivers as well as animals were also targeted by the incident. Apart from the injury to the Toto driver, his vehicle was also damaged due to stone pelting. While many dumb animals also came in its grip. After the incident, apart from the headquarter’s force, the police of many police stations of the subdivision area have been deployed for the time being.

People were angry when the public representatives did not reach

After the violent clash between the two sides, the people of a community were very angry when none of the people’s representatives reached. They were saying that they will not vote for anyone.

Three separate cases are being registered

According to the Katras police, the process of registering three cases has been started in this case. More than half a dozen people are being interrogated by bringing them to the police station.

event timeline

9 am: Bombs pelted with stone pelting between the two sides

9.15 am: Katras police reached.

9.30 am: Katras police started to calm the atmosphere

10 o’clock: The atmosphere calmed down, the force was deployed

1.30 pm: One side burnt the effigy on the main road

2 pm: The atmosphere again became tense

2.15 pm: Stone pelting started again from both sides

2.30 pm: SDPO and others arrived

3 o’clock: Bomb-stones started running in front of the police

3.30 pm: Police did lathi charge, crowd dispersed

5.00: Police took out flag march

6 pm: 144 were announced

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