Jharkhand: Employees have been frozen in the education office of North Chhotanagpur division for years, no transfer has been done


Hazaribagh, Arif : North Chotanagpur Divisional Regional Joint Director of Education Sumanlata Topno Balihar has said that the meeting of the Divisional Establishment Committee scheduled on July 7, 2023 has been postponed due to unavoidable reasons. Efforts are on to hold the meeting again. Clerks (female/male) stuck in all the teaching offices of Chatra, Koderma, Giridih, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Ramgarh and Hazaribagh districts for more than three years in one place and for more than five years in one district after following the guidelines of senior officers. Will go away At the same time, the decision will be taken after discussion on the application and other issues related to the pending problem of the clerks received in the establishment committee.

29 personnel are frozen in Hazaribagh

At the divisional level, clerks frozen in one office for more than three years and in one district for more than five years have been identified. 29 clerks (female/male) have been identified in Hazaribagh district. Maximum 17 personnel have been identified in the District Superintendent of Education (DSE) office. In this, some five, while some have been frozen in the district for more than 18 years.

workers in deo office

Kumar Paramanandam working in the DEO office has been stuck in Hazaribagh district since August 24, 2018. Whereas, Gulab Sau 23 July 2019, Sudarshan Prasad Kesari and Parvez Alam both are frozen in DEO office since 24 August 2020. Surendra Prasad, Ravi Shankar Shukla, on 12 August 2020 and Raju Kumar from 23 July 2019, in the office of the Sub-Divisional Education Officer (SDO) of Hazaribagh. Here, Arvind Pathak working in the District Education and Training College (DIET) has been stuck at one place for four years. Pramila Kumari, working in DIET since July 19, 2020, has been living in Hazaribagh district for 11 years since July 3, 2013. Naveen Kumar has joined the District School from 21 August 2021 and Dinesh Lohiya from 29 July 2019 at the Government Girls School.

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Nisha Kumari is frozen in Hazaribagh for 19 years

Mojibuddin has been posted as Area Education Officer since October 13, 2020. Renu Devi in ​​DSE office 21 January 2017 Onkar Nath Rai 21 August 2020 Jual Barla 24 August 2020 Pradeep Prasad 1 August 2019 Satyendra Upadhyay 20 July 2019 Sadhu Sharan Singh 20 October 2020 Mujahid Alam 9 August 2019 Rajesh Hari 2 August 2020, Shashi Bhushan Nag 8th October 2020, Aditya Kumar 13th July 2019, Raju Kushwaha and Satish Kumar Singh both 8th August 2019, J.Jaideep Marandi 21st August 2020, Wasiullah 20th August 2020, Anil Kumar 19th August 2020, Basanti Kumari 1st June 2018 and Nishi Kumari has been grounded since 11 July 2017. The posting of Nisha Kumari was done on December 16, 2002 in the Office of the Area Education Officer of Chatra district. After two years, on July 22, 2004, the transfer took place in Hazaribagh district. Since then till now, Nisha has been settled in Hazaribagh district for almost 19 years.

13 women clerks have not been transferred for 28 years

At the divisional level (from one district to another), 13 women clerks have not been transferred for 28 years. At the same time, in this long period, from the year 2016 till now, male personnel (clerks) have been transferred at the divisional level about six times at different times. According to the report, since December 31, 1995, women (clerks) have not been transferred at the divisional level. Whereas, the first transfer of male (clerk) took place in December 2016. In this there was a recommendation of the then Dhanbad DC. In the same year in Dhanbad, three clerks (male) were caught by the vigilance department while taking bribe. For the second time, in July 2017, on the instructions received from the Chief Minister’s mass communication, the male (clerk) was transferred. Then in the interval of one year till 2021, there has been transfer four times. In this, letter number 1935 of the Director of Secondary Education on July 6, 2018, letter number 1750 of the Director of Secondary Education on June 21, 2019, memorandum number 146 of the meeting of the Special Secretary cum Director of Secondary Education on June 26, 2020, and in the light of this letter, in the year 2021, men (Clerk) has been transferred at the divisional level.

Clerk reinstated on compassionate ground

At the divisional level, 45 clerks are employed in male category in Hazaribagh, 10 in Ramgarh, 39 in Giridih, nine in Bokaro, 44 ​​in Dhanbad, eight in Chatra and five in Koderma. At the same time, the number of working women clerks is 13. All are restored on compassion. In this maximum number of women clerks are six in Hazaribagh, two in Ramgarh, one each in Giridih and Bokaro and three in Dhanbad. At the divisional level, there are 14 DEO, DSE offices including seven each. On the other hand, at the district level, clerks are working in places like Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Teaching Training Teacher College, (DIET), Area Education Officer, DIS (District School Inspector), School Sub-Inspector and Government School.

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Provision to be employed for three to five years: DEO

In this regard, DEO, Hazaribagh Upendra Narayan said that according to the rules, there is a provision for clerical class to work for three years in one office and five years in a district. Despite this, it has been frozen for many years. The department has identified these personnel.

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