Jharkhand: NIA raid at the house of top Naxalite Ravindra Ganjhu’s driver Zubair Ansari, important documents found


Palamu, Saikat Chatterjee. The NIA team raided the house of top Naxalite Ravindra Ganjhu’s driver Zubair Ansari on Saturday in Loharsi under Pipra police station area of ​​Palamu. No arrest could be made during this period. It is said that NIA has got some important documents from this raid.

This is the second operation in 15 days

These days the NIA team is keeping a special eye on Palamu. Let us tell you that on June 7, the Bihar NIA team raided the houses of top Maoists Abhijeet Yadav and Prasad Yadav in Palamu district. Now tightening the noose on the Maoists on Saturday, the NIA team has raided in search of the driver of Ravindra Ganjhu, the top Naxalite of the district.

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Who is the driver of Naxalite Ravindra Ganjhu

The driver of Ravindra Ganjhu, the top Naxalite of Palamu district, in search of whom the NIA team has reached Palamu, his name is Zubair Ansari. He is a resident of Loharsi village of Pipra police station area, where NIA raided. Although Zubair Ansari has not been arrested, the NIA team has recovered some important documents from his house.

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There is an important clue in Zubair’s passbook

The NIA team has recovered a passbook from the room of Zubair’s father Anish Ansari, which belongs to Zubair. It is being told that the NIA team is going to get important clues from this passbook. This is the same passbook, in which the transaction of money received through levy and other means of Naxalites in the name of Zubair has taken place. According to sources, money from the accounts of many white-collar people is also recorded in this passbook.

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What did Zubair do in the organization

It is told that Zubair Ansari is a driver by profession and he used to do the same work in the organization. Zubair used to play an important role in transporting Naxalites from one place to another. Gradually, he developed a good rapport with Commander Ravindra Ganjhu and he started doing other work for the organization apart from being a driver. These days, Zubair used to transact money for the Naxalites by staying in the open stand. Along with this, he used to have a direct role in bringing and transporting essential goods from the city.

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Zubair was involved in many big incidents

Zubair was involved in many major Naxalite incidents. In 2017-18, he was involved in several incidents including the Naxalite incident in Panki, Palamu, Lukaiya Naxalite incident in Latehar. Presently Zubair is absconding.

NIA team reached Zubair through bank account

The NIA team was keeping an eye on the ongoing Naxalite incident in Palamu and the bank accounts of Naxalites. Continuous investigation was being done of such bank accounts, whose transactions were under suspicion. Similarly, during the investigation, Zubair’s bank account came under the NIA’s radar and adding sources from there, the NIA team reached Zubair’s house on Saturday to raid.

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