Jharkhand: The field is ready for paddy sowing in Giridih’s Deori, but the farmers have not yet received the seeds


Deori (Giridih), Shravan Kumar: Farmers have prepared fields for sowing paddy seeds in Rohini Nakshatra. But, till now the farmers of Deori block of Giridih district have not been able to get paddy seeds from the agriculture department. In such a situation, farmers have to buy paddy seeds in the open market at a higher price. According to the farmers, the price of normal paddy seed in the market is Rs 47 to 60 per kg and that of hybrid seed is Rs 200 to 300 per kg.

Paddy was cultivated on three percent of the land last year.

Due to scanty rainfall last year, only three percent of the irrigated land in Deori block was able to cultivate paddy. The block was declared a drought prone area. Farmer friends Ashok Rai, Rauf Ansari, farmers Anil Singh, Shukkar Sharma, Anand Singh, Dhaneshwar Singh, Sadanand Das, Kishun Rai, Anil Tiwari, Vakil Rai, Satya Narayan Rai etc. told that after sowing paddy seeds last year, there was enough Due to lack of rain, the farmers here were deprived of paddy cultivation along with other kharif crops like corn, madua, gondli, moong, arhar, paddy, urad etc.

Farmers do not have home seeds

The economic condition of the farmers has become pathetic due to non-availability of paddy cultivation last year. Farmers say that after sowing paddy last year, there is no seed left for the house due to non-cultivation. Most of the farmers are dependent on the seeds available from packs. Many farmers are not able to buy seeds from the market due to lack of capital. In such a situation, the government should provide seeds and fertilizers of paddy, moong, urad, arhar, madua, gondli, corn cob etc. free of cost to them this year.

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what do farmers say

Asko’s farmer friend Ashok Rai said that due to lack of cultivation last year, the economic condition of the farmers of Deori block has become pathetic. In view of this, there is a need to provide free seeds and fertilizers to the farmers of the block. On the other hand, Anand Singh, a farmer from Purnabathan, said that paddy cultivation could not be done due to lack of rains last year. In such a situation, there is no domestic seed left with the farmers. Due to lack of money, farmers are not able to buy seeds from the market. Farmers will have to do farming by taking loan.

Farmers will get seeds as soon as they get allotment: In-charge agriculture officer

In this regard, Agriculture Officer in-charge of Deori, Sanjay Kumar Sahu told that till now the allotment of seeds has not been received. Seeds will be made available to the farmers as soon as the allotment is received.

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