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Jordanian King Abdullah’s cruel repression on Dr Heba


Jordanian King Abdullah’s cruel repression on Dr Heba

Jordanian Benjamin, Exclusive to Blitz

Jordanian people were forced to go into the streets protesting the skyrocketing hike in the price of essentials as well as systematic impoverishment policy that was imposed on the people as a result of the dictator King Abudllah to abdicate, but one remarkable courageous activist was a female who holds a PhD in Law. Her name is Dr. Heba Melhem.

Dr. Heba stood very courageously to lead a march on the street where she had called for the cruel dictator King Abdullah’s resignation. She also called for peace with Israel and coexistence with the Jews. But, Dr. Heba ended up paying a high price.

It may be mentioned here that, although members of the Jordanian royal family are pretending to be extremely moderate and even fooling the Western world by saying they were the only moderate rulers in the Middle East, in reality, they are no different than the rogue Iranian mullah. In Jordan, dictator King Abdullah, the half-brother of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein controls a Sharia Court, that is used in punishing his critics and opponents.

Soon after Dr. Heba Melhem went on the street to lead the protest processions, she found her life turning into hell. The infamous Sharia Court declared her as an apostate for the “crime” of taking off hijab. The court also had declared her an apostate and “mentally incapacitated”.

Thugs of the Jordanian royal family repeatedly threatened Dr. Heba of forced marriage and even gang-rape”. Even she was threatened of being lobotomized and locked into isolation prison or expelled from Jordan. There had been frequent breaking attempts into her house where she lives with her cat that she could not feed as a result of being detained inside her house.

Dr. Heba lost her ability to work because she was declared custody of the state by the Sharia Court.

Since February 2018, the Moderate Jordanian Opposition along with other opposition outside Jordan did whatever it can to highlight Dr. Heba’s case. They even made repeated attempts of drawing the attention of Human Rights Activist Mary Robinson. But Ms. Robinson never responded or spoke out in defense of Dr. Heba as she had been asked by her friend Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein to ignore the case. It may be mentioned here that Princess Haya has been working in favor of her repressive Jordanian royal family as a lobbyist in the Western nations and even is using Jordanian royal family’s dirty money in bribing the rights activists and groups in the West.

While Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has been effectively obstructing any report in the Western media against the repression of the pro-Sharia Jordanian royal family and the notorious dictator King Abdullah, some of the newspapers and news sites such as the Jerusalem Herald, Geller Report and Israpunidt have published the case of Dr. Heba.

It may be mentioned here that Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and her brothers in Jordan, including King Abdullah and Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein are notoriously pro-Hamas, pro-radical Islam and anti-Semite. They patronize the anti-Israel forces and even encourage notorious individuals such as dangerous terrorist Ahlam Tamimi in continuing cruelty on Jews.

After almost 17 months, Dr. Heba has reached a desperate time in her life that nobody seems to care about her against the hypocritic Jordanian dictatorship. To learn more and support Dr. Heba, help and help her in leaving Jordan and flee from Abdullah cruel Anti-Semite and Islamist Regime, please watch the following video from Dr. Heba Melhem.


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