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Jordanian king sucking people’s blood for his family’s luxury


Jordanian king sucking people’s blood for his family’s luxury

Anand Sharma

According to fashion blog UFO No More, Jordan’s Queen Rania wore clothes costing £237,000 in 2017 while prices of her 29 custom outfits could not be assessed. It was later confirmed by fashion experts that the price of those 29 custom-made outfits would cross a few million dollars. But a shrewd Rania mostly shows her purchases as gifts or bought under heavy discount. The minimum price of her dress is US$ 1,800. As the news was published in the fashion blog and few more top-ranking newspapers around the world, Queen Rania quickly sent a clarification to those news outlets stating her luxurious taste were not funded by the Jordanian taxpayers.

While the Jordanians are suffering from the economic crisis, rising food prices, members of the corrupt royal family are spending millions in their extremely lavish lifestyle.

On June 10, 1993, the then Prince Abdullah of Jordan wed Palestinian woman Rania Al-Yassin at the Zahran Palace in Amman.

Although it is claimed to be “love at first sight”, as they first met at a dinner in August 1992, possibly it was for Prince Abdullah but Rania Al-Yassin was well-planted to anyhow steal the heart of the future ruler of Jordan. Most importantly, the dinner party, where the romance began was funded by an influential and wealthy donor of mega-terror outfit Hamas. Six months later, Abdullah and Rania were engaged.

For the ceremony, the bride chose a custom look by British stalwart Bruce Oldfield, wearing it with a matching silk hair piece and veil. For their reception, held in the gardens of Raghadan Palace, the bride changed into a second look by the iconic fashion designer, while the groom wore his military uniform throughout the day. No one had ever questioned – wherefrom Rania managed hundreds and thousands of dollars for buying such expensive attire.

Before meeting the Jordanian Prince, Rania had worked with a number of multinational companies and had always been a “darling” of her bosses. She was blessed with expensive gifts from all of them as she never hesitated in maintaining “healthy relations”. While studying in American University in Cairo, Rania had dated with at least two men. She was sacked from her first job at Citibank within a very short time, although the reason is still unknown. Later she had worked with Apple Inc in Amman.

Rania’s parents are Faisal Sedki Al-Yassin and Ilham Yassin.

A Jew-hater Rania

In personal life, Rania is ferociously anti-Semite and a Jew-hater. She and her family members are great fans of Hitler and even they dream of elimination of the State of Israel from the global map. Queen Rania teaches her children to contribute to the “Palestinian cause” and do everything possible in strengthening her motherland’s position in the world. She even reminds them of their responsibility of fighting the “enemies of Palestinian people” either “openly or discreetly”.

Is Rania a thief?

Thief possibly is not the right word for Queen Rania as the way she has been robbing-off millions of dollars from the Jordanian State exchequer is similar to robbery. She has offshore bank accounts where she sends money mostly through illegal channels.

Jordanian intelligence agency working for Hamas?

At the personal initiative of Queen Rania, Jordanian intelligence agency is sharing intel reports with Hamas. Such cooperation between Jordan and a mega terror outfit is disturbing and international community needs to look into this matter forthwith.

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  1. Abu Qussai Jordan

    July 24, 2019 at 18:57

    What astonished me that all writers are Indians, how come that they know all this rubbish about Jordan, I quit sure who they behind that

  2. Teo Ah Chu

    July 25, 2019 at 12:15

    The writer is a pro-zionist Indian lap dog. He is sowing stories of hatred.

  3. Mohamed

    April 4, 2020 at 22:03

    This tyrant regime is evil, not only sucking blood, they blundered more than 200 Billions and left Jordanians with 70% under poverty. They treated Jordan as a private farm, and sold all national resources to take its money to the US.

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