Jordanian media considers Blitz reports on Princess Haya as ‘propaganda war’

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Clearly, Blitz has been leading in covering Princess Haya bint al Hossein’s attempt of extracting millions of dollars from the Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. Every day hundreds and thousands of readers are visiting our online edition and each day, the number of readers of each of the items on Princess Haya has been at the top chart.

Sensing Haya’s untold facts been gradually exposed by the team of investigative reporters of Blitz, Jordanian media has started a campaign by branding Blitz reports as ‘propaganda war’.

On July 4, 2019, Jordanian news portal the Albawaba published a report titled ‘Is the Propaganda War on Princess Haya About to Begin?’.

It is understood that due to series of reports on Princess Haya’s various activities and private life, the Jordanian princess and her family in Jordan must have already realized that finally reporters of Blitz is totally exposed Prince Haya, which would result in her extradition from the United Kingdom.

Most possibly, the royal family in Jordan are aware that Princess Haya has lots of dark spots in her life, especially in her private life and character. Once exposed, this would do massive damage to Jordanian royal family’s image.

Referring to one of the reports in Blitz, the Albawaba wrote, “One website published several reports about Princess Haya’s “close relations” with Hamas, the Islamic Palestinian movement affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to her attempts in “obstructing any initiative of strengthening relations between Israel and the UAE”.”

Those media outlets in Jordan also are harshly criticizing Qatari-funded television channel Al Jazeera for not covering the case of Princess Haya.

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  1. Absolut Bullshit and a bad propaganda probably pushed by her Husband. Shame on you Blitz to spread and publish such lies!

  2. Complete and utter Bullshit and lies. What are you on Choudry? You sound insane. No one believes you made up B.S. lies slander defamation of character. It will not be long before Haya sues you or shuts you down.

  3. Once she divorce everyone will forget of her existence
    She was recognized as princess haya because of her husband otherwise she would live pretty quit life as her half sisters from jordan
    Why ever she was introduced to the Dubai Royal Family
    something fishy on it …..question

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