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Jordanian news site’s war against Sheikh Maktoum


Jordanian news site’s war against Sheikh Maktoum

Mustafa Ali Noor

Playing foul with the crocodile while in the water is deadly. But Jordanian news site Al Bawaba has taken an optimum risk in trading into such deadly territory.

According to our research team, Al Bawaba tweeted on December 25, 2018, stating “The #UAE donated $54 million to the Interpol Foundation in late March. Three days later, Interpol issued a Red Notice for Christian Elombo, a French personal trainer who had allegedly helped Princess Latifa of #Dubai escape her home. Al Bawaba also published news titled ‘Interpol has troubling relationships with China, Russia and UAE’ on this topic, which had been later removed.

The above-mentioned news in Al Bawaba was the worst example of bad journalism as they twisted a report which actually was based on an AFP report dated March 27, 2017. AFP report titled ‘United Arab Emirates donates $54M to Interpol’ was published in the international news media.

The AFP report said, “The United Arab Emirates announced Monday it has donated $54 million (50 million euros) to the Interpol Foundation, as the country prepares to host a joint forum on global security.

“The funds will go towards seven Interpol projects including counter-terrorism, cybercrime, and drugs, an official statement said.

“The threats posed by terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime are more complex and global than ever, requiring Interpol to play an even stronger role in international police cooperation,” said Interpol secretary general Jurgen Stock.

“The generosity of the UAE’s contribution will have a significant impact on strengthening the work of law enforcement worldwide,” Stock said in a statement.

“The news came on the eve of a three-day Unity for Security forum in Abu Dhabi. The conference is the first such venture organized jointly by the UAE and the intergovernmental police organization Interpol.

“The Interpol Foundation for a Safer World, founded in 2013 and registered in Geneva, is tasked with supporting the work of Interpol while remaining

“legally and administratively independent”, according to its website.

“The foundation had pledged a $54-million contribution to Interpol between 2016 and 2020. The foundation last year received close to $11 million (10 million euros) in donations.

“Oil-rich UAE is a key regional ally in the U.S.-led coalition’s fight against the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

“The Gulf state in 2014 introduced sweeping counterterrorism legislation enabling courts to hand down the death penalty in cases linked to terrorist groups.

The country blacklists 83 organizations as terrorists, including al-Qaida and Daesh”.

What made Al Bawaba mad at UAE government?

The United Arab Emirates made the donation to the Interpol Foundation in seven Interpol projects including counterterrorism, cybercrime, and drugs. Moreover, it had blacklisted 83 organizations as terrorist entities, including al-Qaeda and Daesh [Islamic State].

It is not clear if Al Bawaba was hurt at this donation as it would go in combating terrorism, cybercrime, drugs, al Qaeda and ISIS, or it was one of the beneficiaries of these crimes.

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1 Comment

  1. Muhammed Sardar

    July 13, 2019 at 09:21

    My heart with prince of uae ruler sheikh Muktoom his highnesses very nice poetry for betrayal women , they should be exposed,
    Almighty keep you in his protection

    Muhammed Akbar Sardar

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