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Jordanian royals are financial partners of Hamas


Jordanian royals are financial partners of Hamas

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Some of the members of the Jordanian royal family are reportedly working as the financial counterpart of mega terror outfit Hamas and are helping it with millions of dollars from the profit accrued from the business. It is also learnt that a significant portion of the Qatari donation to Hamas is directly going to business ventures under the supervision of Jordanian royals.

It may be recalled here that, members of the Jordanian royal family, particularly Queen Rania are extremely biased towards Hamas and she has been making every possible effort in helping the mega terror outfit in getting finance as well as arms and ammunition. It is also learnt from a very credible intelligence source that Queen Rania had secretly requested Pakistan in providing nuclear-loaded missile to Hamas with the notorious agenda of a massive terror attack on Israel.

Jordanian royal family is extremely inclined towards Hamas and Palestinian terrorists. It was already reported that Princess Haya Bin Al Hussein too has made repeated attempts in helping Hamas by collection donations through her charity. She also has used her position of the goodwill ambassador in helping Hamas in getting wider support in the United Nations.

Currently, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein in residing in London waiting to marry her body-guard turned lover named Russell Flowers. Haya’s lover was a soldier in the British army, who has worked as her bodyguard for almost five years. Princess Haya’s attraction towards her lover is so strong and bizarre that she did not hesitate in sharing the same bed with him during most of her foreign tours ignoring attention of other members of her security unit. The desperate Princess even had bought few of her bodyguard with an unknown amount of cash when they had already seen her in an intimate situation with Russell Flowers.

There is controversy centering Haya’s son Zayed Bin Al Maktoum too. According to newspaper reports, Zayed is not the biological son of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. Instead one of Princess Haya’s former bodyguard had fathered this child.

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