Kanpur News: Roshan Arora returned to the country after nine months, the Merchant Navy ship was freed by the Nigerian Navy


Kanpur : Roshan Arora, posted in Merchant Navy living in Govindnagar Labor Colony, has returned to his homeland after 9 months. On August 12, Roshan went to Nigeria with his company’s ship. There, Nigeria had hijacked (in its possession) the ship, accusing them of theft. Since then, 26 crew members involved in the Indian Army ship were in Nigeria’s custody.

At the same time, the relatives were informed by the company that all the crew members have been released in the Navy of Nigeria. Since then there is a wave of happiness among the family members. Roshan left Nigeria on Saturday and reached his residence in Kanpur via Delhi. As soon as he reached Roshan’s house, the MLAs and the regional people welcomed him.

three months in Guinea’s possession

Roshan Arora told that on August 12, 26 crew members had gone to Boniport in Nigeria with a ship of OSM Ship Management Company. There, the Nigerian Navy stopped the ship saying that you guys had come here to steal oil, while all of us crew members had gone there to collect oil. But, due to non-availability of oil, he stood waiting.

On the other hand, Roshan told that when the ship was caught by the Nigerian Navy, they first allowed it to go from there, but as soon as they moved forward, the people of Guinea caught them again and kept them hostage there for the whole 3 months. The people of Guinea alleged that the India Merchant Navy did not follow the rules of our country.

The country of Guinea imposed a heavy fine on this. When OSM Ship Company made all the payment to the country of Guinea, then Guinea again handed over the ship to the country of Nigeria. After this, from November 2022 to May 2023, the company’s ship remained in the possession of Nigeria. According to OSM company officials, the ship has been released on 2 June. All crew members will reach their homes within 10 to 12 days.

26 people were involved in the ship

Roshan made a video and sent it to his family members when he was imprisoned by the Nigerian Navy. He had told the family members that apart from 16 Indians, there were 8 Sri Lankans, one Polish and one Filipino citizen inside the ship.

Mother’s tears of joy on seeing her son

As soon as Roshan reached home, there was an atmosphere of happiness among the family members. Mother Seema and sister Komal’s tears of joy were visible on seeing the son and brother. Expressing his happiness, he said that there was no conversation with the son for a long time. The mind used to be very sad, but since it has come to know that all have been released. Happy since then and now the son has come home.

The same father Manoj Arora thanked the Modi government and the people’s representatives of the city and said that with the cooperation of all of them today the son has returned to the country and home. I had written a letter to everyone pleading for help. All of them helped me and my son came back.

Report: Ayush Tiwari

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