Kanpur Zoological Park: Durga and Luna will increase the lineage of tigers, cub not born for eight years, may be seen soon


Kanpur: of Kanpur Zoo The reproduction rate of tigers is not increasing. In the year 2015, the tigresses have not given birth to any cub here. Now the picture can change with the arrival of Tigress Durga and Luna from Tirupati and Pilibhit. There is a preparation to increase the progeny of tigers by breeding the young tigers Mallu and Bagheera with both the tigresses.

Viewers will be able to see the little cubs

Veterinary Officer Dr. Anurag Singh told that Durga’s age is three and Luna is one and a half years. Both tigresses are young. At present, 10 tigers including four male tigers Badal, Bagheera, Prashant Mallu and six female tigers Malti, Durga, Luna, Pushpa, Savitri, Trusha have been preserved in Kanpur Zoo. According to zoo director KK Singh, if everything goes well, visitors will be able to see the cubs in the next six months.

Tigress Trusha gave birth to seven cubs in 2015

Please tell that in the year 2015, Prashant, who came at the age of five, was kept with the tigress Trusha. Then the tigress Trusha gave birth to seven cubs and gave good news to the wildlife lovers. This is the reason that the number of tigers in Kanpur zoo had reached 11. According to Dr. Nitesh Katiyar and Dr. Mohammad Nasir, the natural environment in the zoo is favorable for the breeding of tigers and other rare species of wild animals. Under the exchange program, tigers have been sent to zoos located in other states.

UP: The newly elected mayor-president, councilors will take oath on May 26 and 27, this important work will have to be done in a month

Tigress ‘Luna’ brought to Kanpur after being separated from her mother

Tigress Luna, who was rescued from the forests of Pilibhit, was separated from her mother. Due to being rescued on the full moon day, it was given the name synonymous with the moon. Tigress Luna got the affection of the zoo staff. Along with this, full care was taken of his food and drink. The Kanpur zoo administration also trained him to become a hunter.

Information given to the forest department on the presence of tiger in the village

Luna was caught after rescuing it from the bushes of Kharja Canal in Puranpur area of ​​Pilibhit. Zoo’s Deputy Director and Veterinarian Dr. Anurag Singh told that the headman of Uday Karanpur village had sensed the presence of the tiger, after which the villagers also got scared.

Kanpur zoological garden became a place after rescue

It was Pradhan who made a video of the presence of this little tigress and sent it to the forest department officials. After this, the Forest Department and WIT also installed cameras there to find the cub’s mother, waited for ten days. When no tigress came, then the team rescued her and brought her to Gadha guesthouse. From there she was brought to Kanpur zoo on the night of 8 December 2022.

Report- Ayush Tiwari

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