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Kashimpur Central Jail officials abetting with anti-government elements


Kashimpur Central Jail officials abetting with anti-government elements

Blitz Exclusive

A section of corrupt officials at the Kashimpur Central Jail, Part-2 are actively abetting with some anti-government condemned convicts. According to information, there officials are allowing the visitors of the condemned convicts in taking mobile phone and even video cameras inside the prison, through which, extremely offensive contents against the government are being made and uploaded in the social media with the ulterior agenda of tarnishing the image of the ruling party as well as law enforcing and security agencies.

Team of investigative journalists of Blitz have already obtained video content of a particular condemned prisoner, who had illegally recorded statement filled with false narrations clearly with the ulterior motive of making the government controversial.

On investigation, it was found, this video was pasteurized sometime during July-August of 2018 in somewhere near the office of the Senior Superintendent of Kashimpur Central Jail, Part-2. Most of the senior officials of this jail are having extreme intimacy with some “VIP” prisoners, belonging to the opposition as well as condemned convicts in a sensational murder case.

Seeking anonymity, a prison official told this newspaper that without active cooperation from the senior officials of any jail, it is impossible for a visitor taking mobile phones or video cameras inside the prison compound. Carrying mobile phones, video cameras, audio recorders of any type of electronic equipment, including Pendrive inside the prison are totally illegal.

When asked as to how a condemned convict could make a video statement sitting inside the prison, the official said, it must have been either done in exchange of bribe or the official concerned might have been aligned towards political opponents of the ruling party.

After examining the video, experts in this newspaper said, this was definitely filmed inside the office of the Senior Superintendent of Kashimpur Central Jail, Part-2 and it would only be possibly if the matter was within the knowledge of the Superintendent.

By allowing filming of this video, the prison officials at the Kashimpur Central Jail, Part-2 have clearly violated the service rule and have even actively collaborated in an anti-government conspiracy, which is a serious offense.

For the sake of national security, this particular case should be immediately investigated and stern punitive measures should be initiated against the responsible officials of the Kashimpur Central Jail, Part-2.

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