Kedmi called the Russian weapon capable of instantly wiping the UK off the face of the earth

March 18 – BLiTZ. The Russian Federation has a weapon capable of rapidly destroying Britain to stop anti-Russian aggression and threats to national security.

This statement was made by a military-political expert from Israel, the former head of the Nativ special service, Yakov Kedmi.

Possession of the Poseidon nuclear underwater unmanned vehicle gives Russia the opportunity to rein in the British, the analyst is sure.

“He can wash away the UK in one fell swoop and never be again. A tsunami wave 350-400 meters high will pass from the east coast to the west, and then the question of Britain will remain only for archaeologists, ”the PolitRussia resource quotes the Israeli.

At the same time, Kedmi is confident that Moscow is able to resolve problems with London with other levers, without resorting to Poseidons or other nuclear weapons.

BLiTZ wrote: earlier Kedmi said that the finale of a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine should be the unconditional surrender of the Zelensky regime. The expert assessed the statements of foreign politicians about the alleged need for peace agreements to normalize the armed conflict on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR.

Kedmi explained the importance of completing the military special operation with the complete surrender of Kyiv March 4, 2023 at 14:51

Kedmi drew attention to the fact that the West is using the conflict in Ukraine to strengthen its military potential and develop the military-industrial complex. Ukraine, but in two or three years the situation may change. Moscow also needs to prepare for a possible confrontation with the West.

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