KGMU News: Now serious patients will have X-ray on the bed itself, KGMU got five portable machines


Lucknow : People come from every corner of the country for treatment at the King George’s Medical College (KGMU) in the capital Lucknow. Due to this, the hospital administration is making new arrangements every day to give relief to the patients. Now the attendants will not have to go here and there to check X-rays with serious patients. X-ray of patients can be done on the bed itself. Five portable X-ray machines have arrived in KGMU’s Radio Diagnosis Department on Sunday. These machines will be used in different departments.

KGMU has 4500 beds. Apart from the tests prescribed to patients in OPD, serious patients admitted in many departments including General Surgery, Paediatrics, Heart Disease, Orthopaedics, Respiratory, Neuro Surgery, patients have to run to PRO Office, Trauma Center and Limb Center for various tests. According to Dr. Anit Parihar, Head of the Department of Radiodiagnosis, with the help of portable machines in the institute, X-rays can be done for those patients who are unable to walk or get up or are in a state of serious illness.

These machines can be used to test by going to their bed. Now those machines will be used regularly in Radiotherapy, Pediatric Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, Neurosurgery and Cardiology Department. Apart from this, as per requirement, it can also be sent to Shatabdi Phase-II building and other departments of KGMU. KGMU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Bipin Puri said that with the portable machine, now patients will not have to wait for long for X-rays and smooth treatment can be done.

X-ray will now cost Rs 50 in the dental faculty

At the same time, X-rays of the teeth of 50 to 70 patients are being done daily in the dental faculty. Sometimes there is a problem with the X-ray film. This hinders the delivery of films to patients. However, now the fee for X-ray has been reduced to reduce the sufferings of the patients. Earlier X-ray was being done for Rs 100, which has been reduced to Rs 50. New rates have been implemented for X-rays done by radio-visiography method.

X-ray will be taken in OPD and other departments only on the pre-fixed fee. According to Dr. RK Patil, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, till now the short film was not coming. Therefore, printing of X-rays has been started on the big film itself. 15 small X-ray prints come on one film. It is looking economical as compared to a short film. That’s why the price has been reduced.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation in preparation to open dispensary

Lucknow Municipal Corporation is preparing to start its dispensary to provide treatment to the people at the locality level. After the instructions of the mayor, the officials have started preparing its action plan. At present, the Municipal Corporation does not have any hospital of its own. All the nine dispensaries of Municipal Corporation are lying closed for a long time. Now the proposal to start them again will be placed in the executive and the house. The dispensary will be restarted after approval.

According to the information, apart from the doctor, planning is going on to deploy lab assistant in the dispensary. These lab assistants will do many tests including ultrasound. Municipal officials are also talking to the health department for this. If the Health Department will not agree to the deployment of doctors and staff, then they will be appointed on contract.

On the other hand, Municipal Corporation’s Chaupar Hospital located near Leela Cinema in Hajarganj is closed for two and a half years. Here the furniture has been spoiled due to dampness. Now Sitapur Eye Hospital and Child Development Women’s Hospital are currently running in this hospital. Whereas, in one part, the employees of Duda sit. The mayor has also asked for a report about this hospital.

Same, the Municipal Corporation’s dispensary built on Ganeshganj Road is also in a bad condition. People living nearby are also not getting any benefit from it. Along with this, the Municipal Corporation’s Unani Hospital in Naka Hindola is also going through a period of plight. The city health officer said that plans are being made to restart the dispensary. Talks are going on with the health department. Dispensary can be started only after getting doctors and staff.

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