Khaleda Zia leaves Bangladesh by Monday

Government will grant permission on Sunday, May 9th about Bangladesh Nationalist Party chief Khaleda Zia’s treatment abroad. The former prime minister was released from prison under section 401 of the CRPC in March 2020. In that order, Khaleda Zia was barred from leaving the country. Now the government is waiving that provision from the order under section 401 of CRPC which will enable the former prime minister in leaving Bangladesh for treatment.

A source told Blitz, Khaleda Zia’s current bail period will expire on September 24, 2021, meaning she will now be able to leave Bangladesh for getting treatment and should return by the timeframe. She also will require to submit medical reports to the government on a weekly basis.

Meanwhile in London, BNP’s convicted and fugitive leader Tarique Rahman and his aides are taking preparations for giving a warm welcome to Khaleda Zia on her arrival in London. It is also learned, BNP’s London chapter is planning to organize a grand program immediately after Eid-ul-Fitr with Khaleda Zia as the chief guest, which depends on the health condition of the former prime minister.

While the Bangladesh government is granting permission to Khaleda Zia for getting treatment abroad, her son Tarique Rahman is taking this as political advantage and once his mother is out of Bangladesh, Tarique may resort to massive activities against the government.

According to Tarique Rahman’s inner circle source, once Khaleda Zia leaves Bangladesh, she will not return to the country even if her bail period expires. Sitting in Britain, the BNP chief will continue political activities, although being a convicted person, she may not be allowed to speak to Bangladeshi media, but the former prime minister will have no legal problem in talking to foreign media. Tarique Rahman is taking preparations for using the presence of his mother in London as a political advantage against the Bangladesh government.

Another source said, Khaleda Zia’s leaving Bangladesh for treatment may bring an end to Zia dynasty’s existence in Bangladesh politics. This will ultimately result in change of leadership within Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

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