Khaleda Zia may leave Bangladesh soon

Government is going to allow BNP leader Khaleda Zia for taking treatment abroad. The convicted leader and former prime minister were earlier released under CRPC section 401. On May 5th, Khaleda Zia’s family submitted application in this regard. According to credible sources, the government may grant the permission within 2-3 days and the former Prime Minister would be leaving the country before Eid.

Another source told Blitz, Khaleda Zia is willing to perform umrah in Saudi Arabia on her way to Britain, where she is expected of taking medical treatment, while another source dismissed the information of umrah trip.

Commenting on Khaleda Zia’s leaving Bangladesh for treatment, political analysts say, although some of the political pundits are thinking. BNP would get new life once their top leader is out of Bangladesh, considering the ground realities and Tarique Rahman’s bad reputation in Bangladesh, it is anticipated that Khelada Zia’s leaving Bangladesh will ultimately make an end to the party’s political future.

Meanwhile, Law Minister Anisul Huq says his ministry will review the appeal to take BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia abroad for treatment and send back their opinion to the home ministry soon.

Speaking to the media at his residence on Thursday, he said the government would consider whether there was an option to allow the former prime minister to fly abroad.

“It remains to be seen whether there is an opportunity to ease the conditions of her release.

“Begum Khaleda Zia’s sentences were suspended in line with the Section 401 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,” said the minister.

The government imposed two conditions on the suspended sentence — Khaleda will not be able to travel abroad and she must receive treatment at home.

Responding to a query, the minister said, “The sentences were suspended through an executive order in line with provisions of Section 401. Now the court has nothing to do. We have to see whether there’s any chance to ease the conditions.”

Shall Britain accept a COVID positive Khaleda Zia?

Britain has enforced stricter rules on allowing a COVID positive patient from entering the country. Under the circumstance, Khaleda Zia may not be allowed to enter Britain for taking treatment of her COVID related complications. A source said, if she is declined entry into Britain, the BNP leader may go to Thailand for treatment.

Dr Abdullah Al Mamun, a member of Khaleda Zia’s personal medical team, told reporters that even though her condition was stable, it might deteriorate any time “since she had been suffering from various health problems for a long time before being infected with Covid-19.”

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