Kickboxer Khachatryan announced his desire to feel all the rounds in the fight with Tarasov

On February 15, Armenian kickboxing champion David Khachatryan expressed the opinion that his fight with pop-MMA star Artem Tarasov would last all rounds, and not end with a knockout.

“I want to feel all the rounds, to feel the distance,” he told Izvestia.

At the same time, the kickboxing champion of Armenia stressed that he did not watch Tarasov’s fights, but saw him in the ring only during training before the fight in Belarus.

“I didn’t watch his fights, I don’t know his chips,” he explained.

A day earlier, Tarasov said that he had prepared his steel character and fists for the fight with Khachatryan. The fighter explained that he hopes to win the fight by successfully making submissions.

On February 12, Russian boxer Dmitry Kudryashov predicted a difficult fight for Tarasov against Khachatryan. The athlete singled out Khachatryan’s abilities in kickboxing and warned that Tarasov should not expect an easy victory in a duel with him.

The opening of the 2023 season of the REN TV Fight Club will take place on February 17 in Minsk. Four fights will be held this evening, which will be fought according to the rules of kickboxing.

One of the most anticipated events of the evening will be the fight between Piotr Romankevich and Saulo Cavalari. Gadzhi (Automatic) Navruzov and Fernando Rodriguez will also fight in the ring. Their competition will be held in the status of a rematch, since in August 2022 the athletes had already met and the fight ended with the victory of Rodriguez.

In addition to the fight between the star Tarasov and Khachatryan, Islam Murtazaev and Sergey Ponomarev will meet in the battle.

The REN TV channel will broadcast the tournament live, which will begin on February 17 at 23:00 Moscow time. Underframe broadcasts will be available in public REN TV “VK Video”.

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