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King Abdullah and the members of Jordanian royal family will flee


King Abdullah and the members of Jordanian royal family will flee

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Ruler of Jordan, King Abdullah is modern day’s nefarious thug who has been silently selling all of the public wealth and properties to various individuals and smuggling out hundreds of millions of dollars to his secret bank accounts in the West as well as into his hidden offshore bank accounts.

Our Jordan correspondent said, King Abdullah, a ruthless dictator has sold the country’s phosphate company, the harbor of Aqaba, telecommunication company, etc., to private investors and smuggled out hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Grace Mugabe of Jordan

Abdullah’s wife Rania Al Abdullah, who was born in Kuwait to a Palestinian family [Rania’s parents are also connected to Hamas and Palestinian terrorists], had moved to Jordan for work, where she met the then Prince Abdullah. Since marrying the now King of Jordan in 1993, she has become known for her luxurious lifestyle and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in shopping in the Western countries. Rania is also an avid user of social media and she maintains pages on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

According to our correspondent in Jordan, sources inside the Jordanian Palace has revealed shocking information about Rania, who is totally indulged into numerous forms of corruptions, while there also are rumors of the Jordanian queen having business connections with notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company.

Rania was connected to Dawood Ibrahim’s racket through an envoy of Palestine in Jordan.

It may be mentioned here that, Dawood Ibrahim, a mafia don, controls the underworld money laundering, trafficking in narcotics and counterfeit Indian rupees. Due to Queen Rania’s involvement with Dawood’s network, Jordanian diplomatic missions are used in transporting contraband items, including narcotics and counterfeit Indian currency from one country to another by “diplomatic pouch”.

The source said, while the people of Jordan are mostly suffering from unemployment as well as struggling economy, members of the Jordanian royal family, particularly Queen Rania is living extremely posh life and building their wealth in the Western nations, while has also been building huge deposit in the secret bank accounts in Switzerland as well as the British Virgin Island. Most of the Jordanians see Rania as another Grace Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Our correspondent in Jordan said King Abdullah, as well as other members of the royal family currently, are taking preparations of fleeing the country by stealing public wealth.

It said, Princess Haya most possibly has inherited this rogue practices of her family.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mona Lisa

    July 24, 2019 at 09:17

    Because they have nothing to do with Real Royal Hashemite family ….The all members of Real Hashemites has been killed and wiped at earlier 90th obviously when the hole world’s history has been changed in one time includes Russia, Turkey etc …. that’s how King Hussein become a King….he’s came from “unknown” side for some “reason”…..Nobody knew from where he’s arrived…
    We only know that he’s father died from schizophrenia
    But that’s only to wipe the reality for us stupid crowd
    The history was totally ruined and the real heroes and genuine royalties had been replaced everywhere worldwide by bunch of bastards and gangsters like king hussein, ata- turk, lenin etc ….. If you wanna know history ask me…

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