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King Abdullah suggests Haya to begin media offensives


King Abdullah suggests Haya to begin media offensives

Smriti Sen Gupta

On July 5, 2019, British tabloid The Sun published a report with the defamatory title. It reads SHEIK MACDOOM Dubai’s £9billion ruler heads for ‘super divorce’ from runaway wife who’s hiding in ‘fear for her life.

But this had been just a tip of the iceberg. Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has even worst agenda in her mind. She is going to begin massive media propaganda against the UAE royals with the ulterior motive of manipulating the July 30 hearing into her divorce case in the British High Court.

Haya’s brother King Abdullah and her friends and “special friends” in Britain also want her to begin a massive media offensive on Sheikh Maktoum. With this goal, King Abdullah has abruptly taken steps of strengthening relations with Qatar in particular and it also is learnt that he has sought support from the Qatari media Al Jazeera, while the Qatari rulers voluntarily had expressed willingness of providing the fund to Princess Haya for covering expenditures of her forthcoming media offensives. Doha wants Princess Haya to also launch media assaults on Saudi Arabia and make members of the Saud royal family, especially Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Although Princess Hays is spending her time inside the Green Palace, a posh

property in Kensington for £85 million from Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal in 2017. It is even rumoured that Haya was having “healthy” relations with Mittal.

Sitting inside the multi-million-dollar super-posh palace, Princess Haya though has declined interview to the reporters, it is learnt from a credible source that her interview will be aired by Qatari network Al Jazeera during the third week of July.

Her friends and aides in London are even claiming that she fled Dubai after discovering “disturbing facts” about her stepdaughter Princess Latifa.

What is the disturbing fact?

According to a source within the inner circle of Princess Haya, she has already revealed the “brutal murder” of her stepdaughter Princess Latifa in the interview with Al Jazeera.

A family source of Princess Haya said told the Sun, “She [Haya] finally learned the truth about what happened to her husband’s daughter and feared the same could happen to her.

“She went along with what was said after Latifa escaped last year but found out for herself what she had endured”.

According to investigations by reporters of Blitz, it was revealed that Princess Haya’s family in Jordan has been feeding confusing information to the media through their missions in Britain and other countries, while they also are contacted by the Qatari network Al Jazeera.

Princess Haya reportedly has also “disclosed” the “bone-chilling” fact about Sheikh Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Shamsa, who tried to flee in 2000 from their Longcross estate in Surrey.

Friends of Princess Haya alleged she [Sheikha Shamsa] was then kidnapped from a street in Cambridge by members of Sheikh Mohammed’s staff and returned to Dubai against her will.

In a video sent to human rights organization Detained in Dubai, Latifa claimed, her stepsister Shamsa was being kept in a drugged “zombie” state in the Zabeel Palace in Dubai — before saying that she, too, had made another earlier attempted to “escape” her father.

According to newspaper reports, Princess Haya has been romancing with her British bodyguard for the past few months. Earlier she has had similar relations with at least two of her previous bodyguards.

It was also reported in the media that, Princess Haya’s son Sheikh Zayed in not the biological kid of Sheikh Maktoum.

Her British bodyguard was employed by UK Mission Enterprise Limited, a London-based security company owned by the Dubai government, which is based in London and has a turnover of £5million, according to the latest accounts filed at Companies’ House. Abdulla Shakeri is the Managing Director of this company.

Another source said, the Jordanian Princess, who also is the sixth junior wife of Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was already enjoying extreme liberty during her student life in Britain and was having many ‘friends for benefit’.

Ever since her romancing with the bodyguard was exposed, Princess Haya made several bids in extracting money from the Dubai ruler through various tricks, which included a fake-gold scam in collaboration of her African cohorts.

According to information, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has become desperate in marrying the bodyguard and “begin a new life” after she could extract at least couple of billions of dollars from Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. King Abdullah of Jordan is aware of this secret romance and Haya’s Jordanian relatives had suggested her to flee UAE after robbing-off a substantial amount of money from Prime Minister Maktoum.

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  1. Mohendra

    July 11, 2019 at 15:41

    Why she fears for her life?!
    Don’t cheat your husband and don’t fear for your life!
    Don’t cross your own disrespected behavior to your husband with his attitude towards his kids ….
    Is she’s muslim women at all?! I guess not….
    Regarding her brother…
    He was witnessed her religion marriage ceremony to Dubai’s Sheikh….
    He the one who should now switch off the dirty mount and dirty pussy of his nasty sister just because she cheated her husband which is a big sin in Muslim World …. if he’s muslim also?! ….
    I don’t think Al Jazzera will ever introduces to the private life of it’s Gulf rulers, since the issue even is deeply amoral for a women from Middle East….They will not defend amoral muslim women ….if it’s only she’s muslim

    • Tulip

      July 11, 2019 at 22:50

      Go to hell

      • Tulip

        July 11, 2019 at 22:53

        Bin maktoum is a pernicious dog

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