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King Hussein received Saddam’s dirty money


King Hussein received Saddam’s dirty money

A reporter from Jordan

While the world may know the final fate of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, most of the people are totally unaware of the fact that a large portion of Saddam’s illegal money was regularly going to Jordanian King Hussein and he actually was operating various types of businesses being a shadow partner of Saddam. Being the partner of Saddam Hussein, Jordan’s extremely greedy and brutal autocratic ruler King Hussein had sheltered two of Saddam’s daughters including Raghad Hussein, despite the fact that she had been on the wanted list of the United States authorities. She also is listed on Iraq’s most wanted list of individuals alongside 59 others. It also features 28 ISIL fighters, 12 from Al-Qaeda and 20 from the Baath party, giving details of the roles they play in their organizations, the crimes of which they are suspected, and, in most cases, photographs.

Jordanian king is a partner of ‘Terror Godmother’

In 2014, Raniah Salloum wrote, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s eldest daughter Raghad is notorious for her luxury life in exile in Jordan. They are known in the large jewelry shops and designer shops Amman’s. When the 45-year-old drives up there with her bodyguards, the sellers smell a good deal. Even the most famous plastic surgeon in the city, the dictator’s daughter is a regular customer – nose, breasts, dark circles.


“Raghad Hussein goes with fashion, both private and political. In the past, her fair-haired blond mane matched her father’s Baath ideology: secular, modern, nationalist. Now Raghad Hussein suddenly seems to have discovered the faith for himself. In June, she hailed in an interview the advance of the terrorist militia Islamic State (ISIS).

“Normally, Raghad Hussein rarely speaks politically. It is the condition that the Jordanian royal family continues to hold their protective hand over them. In 2007, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for her for supporting the uprising against the Americans. Jordan did not deliver it. Now the Hussein daughter is financing the radicals, scolding Middle Eastern diplomats. Their fortune is estimated at tens of millions.


“It beats the hour of revenge for the shushed Baath followers. High-ranking military officials such as Fadel al-Hajali, Adnan al-Sweidawi and Abu Ali al-Anbari, who lost everything with the fall of Saddam Hussein, are now on IS’s payroll and celebrating their comeback.

“The US newspaper “The New York Times” told an Iraqi military about the constant calls he received from an ex-General Hussein. Fervently, the man had repeatedly asked to be included in the army – in vain. Now the ex-general called again. “I’m fighting with IS now,” he said, “just wait, we’ll come and hack you to pieces.” Issat Ibrahim al-Duri, once Hussein’s right-hand man and a confidant of Hussein’s daughter, also stirs IS for IS “.

According to various sources, King Abdullah and his wife are the business associates of Raghad Hussein and they are gradually expanding their businesses in Jordan as well as in a number of countries, including the West. While money is growing fast, Raghad’s ambition of returning to power in Iraq and even some other countries in the Middle East is becoming prominent. She already is funding Islamic State and even doesn’t hesitate in offering money to notorious terrorist groups such as Hamas.

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