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King of Jordan stops journalists from participating in Holocaust Memorial


King of Jordan stops journalists from participating in Holocaust Memorial

Jordanian Benjamin, exclusive to Blitz

In an unsurprising move from Abdullah’s terrorism hosting Regime in Jordan that controls the public and private unions, organizations and media in Jordan, the head of the Journalists Syndicate in Jordan Rakan Al-Sa’aida threatened to dismiss any member of the General Assembly who participates in the Holocaust memorial event in Israel according to his statement published on Ammonnews.

First, It is worth noting that Abdullah Regime in Jordan forces the private non-public bodies particularly to flourish anti-Semitism so that Abdullah and his Royal family can keep enjoying the bad alternative game, that is to mislead the US and Europe that if the Regime in Jordan falls, then the alternative is Islamic extremism. This was the game that kept the Jordanian Regime alive all those decades, however, the bad news is that the world is starting to realize the tricks of Abdullah and his Regime. According to the Jordanian Israeli Peace Treaty that was signed in 1994, one of its articles clearly state that the two countries, Jordan and Israel, should encourage normalization between their nations and governments, the question here, which government is the one that is not fulfilling its commitments towards peace? Is it the Israeli elected government or the dictator and absolute one man show monarchy in Jordan?

Going back to Ammonnews report, Al-Sa’ida said that participation in these celebrations violates the decisions of the General Assembly and the decisions of trade unions.  “If the participation of any member of the Journalists’ Syndicate is proven, we will take measures against him that could reach the extent of dismissal,” he said. “The syndicate will verify the information in its own ways, which he did not name, pointing out that the union does not draw its information from the Hebrew media.”

The chairman of the journalists explained the procedures, explaining that they include the transfer to a disciplinary board and the penalty may reach the limit of the dismissal pointing out to precedents in this matter.

According to Ammonnews, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the occupation (they mean Israeli Ministry), on Sunday, that six journalists from Arab countries, including Jordan, will arrive in Tel Aviv at the invitation of the Ministry to participate in celebrations commemorating the occupation “of the Holocaust.”

The ministry confirmed that the media delegation will visit the Knesset, Holocaust Memorial Museum and holy sites in occupied Jerusalem.

The delegation will also meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Israel Katz this week.

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