Know why this 5 digit number is written on the train compartment of Indian Railways, what is its meaning


Train Ticket Number Meaning: Railway is called lifeline in India. Here 75% people use train for long distance. Because, here is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Crores of people travel by train in India every day. There are thousands of trains in the country. We all travel by train, book a seat in the train according to our convenience. But even after traveling continuously, we do not know some information related to Indian Railways. We all read the name of the train written next to it, but have you ever thought about that number, why it is written and what it means? So we have brought information about these numbers for you.

numbers tell a lot

Mainly a 5 digit number is written on each coach of the train. They have different meanings. Its first two digits indicate the year in which the coach was made. For example, 92322 is written on a coach of a train. So according to the first two digits, this coach was manufactured in the year 1992. If the number of a coach is 0123, then its first two digits show that this coach was made in the year 2001.

The remaining three numbers tell whether the coach is AC 1 tier or 2 tier or general second class. Like 92322 is written on a coach. The remaining three numbers indicate to which category the coach belongs. As 322 shows that it is a second class sleeper coach.

0 to 9 gives information about railway zone

0 Central Railway, North Central Railway, West Central Railway.

2 Superfast, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi trains.

3 Eastern and East Central Railway.

4 Northern, North Western and North Central Railways.

5 National Eastern and North East Frontier Railway.

6 Southern and South Western Railway.

7 Southern Central and South Western Railway.

8 Southern Eastern and East Coast Railway.

9 North Western, Western and Western Central Railway.

Know the meaning of these numbers

001-025 : AC First class

026-050 : Composite 1AC + AC-2T

051-100 : AC-2T

101-150 : AC-3T

151-200 : CC (AC Chair Car)

201-400 : SL (2nd Class Sleeper)

401-600 : GS (General 2nd Class)

601-700 : 2S (2nd Class Sitting/Jan Shatabdi Chair Class)

701-800 : Sitting Cum Luggage Rake

801 + : Pantry Car, Generator or Mail

5 most luxurious trains in India

Deccan Odyssey

The train journey takes passengers to Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. It was introduced in the year 2005 to promote tourism in Maharashtra. A joint collaboration between the Indian Railways and the State Government of Maharashtra, it offers travelers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the state.

Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express is the flagship luxury train launched by IRCTC. It consists of 23 carriage-long train houses with facilities like deluxe cabins, junior suite cabins, suites and presidential suites. There are two wonderful restaurants in the train known as Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal. The first is based on the theme of the original Rang Mahal of the Red Fort and the second is based on the peacock, the national bird of India.

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

Royal Rajasthan is a joint venture between the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and the Indian Railways. The train has an ethnic design with modern amenities. It includes royal sites of Rajasthan as well as destinations like Agra, Khajuraho and Varanasi.

Palace On Wheels

It is a luxury train that provides world class hosting and luxurious travel. It is a joint venture of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and Indian Railways. All kinds of latest facilities are available in this train.

Royal Orient

This train was introduced in 1994-95 as a joint venture between the Gujarat Tourism Corporation and the Indian Railways. This attractive train takes passengers to prosperous states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. The train offers a journey of eight days and seven nights which makes for a memorable experience.

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