Knutov considers the March offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “from Donbass to Crimea” to be real – News

February 13, 2023, 18:33 – BLiTZ – News Director of the Russian Air Defense Forces Museum Yuriy Knutov appreciated the reports about the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a strategic offensive “from Donbass to Crimea”.

He noted that the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planned for March, which is the reason for the current mobilization in Ukraine. “They grab the disabled, the elderly, women, and send everyone to the front as part of the defense units — the task was set to bring the Ukrainian army to a million people,” — indicated expert in a conversation with the Free Press.

The second sign of the upcoming offensive, he said, is the reduction in artillery shelling in the most key areas. That is, Kyiv is “hoarding shells to carry out the offensive,” the speaker specified.

He suggested that by this time “armored vehicles from NATO countries” would go. Knutov did not rule out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could form a “fist” to carry out a counteroffensive.

He urged to take seriously the statements of the Ukrainian authorities on this matter. In this case, priority is given to intelligence, the analyst emphasized.

Recent events show that the initiative within the framework of the special operation is in the hands of the Russian troops, he noted. “We are moving forward, we have time to repel counterattacks and, at the same time, defeat the enemy,” the media interlocutor explained. He called the task of the Russian army to reach the left bank of the Oskol.

Earlier, the former chief of staff – first deputy commander of the Airborne Forces (VDV) of Russia, Lieutenant General Nikolai Staskov, called the conditions for the capture of Kyiv and Odessa. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.

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