Knutov explained the activity of Chinese spy balloons

February 16, 2023, 08:05 – BLiTZ – News The activation of Chinese balloons over the United States is a consequence of the upcoming hostilities between the States and China. This opinion was expressed to the BLiTZ by a military specialist, Yuri Knutov.

The specialist recalled that for the first time such balloons for espionage were used by the States themselves. American intelligence used balloons against the USSR in the 50s and 60s of the last century. Now this experience has been adopted by China.

“The People’s Republic of China launch balloons in the same way in order to identify military facilities: command posts, headquarters, bases of intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic aviation airfields, but, most importantly, air defense systems. Huge balls are solar-powered, they are equipped with radio technology and optics. This allows you to shoot objects at a height of 20 kilometers online.

They are practically invisible, in order to detect the balloon, the Americans used a rocket with a thermal homing head of the old modification. The ball heated up in the sun – an infrared spot appeared, the rocket captured this spot and shot down the object. But in general, today the Americans have few effective means of dealing with balls, ”the specialist noted.

Actually, the activation of the PRC is only a response to US aggression. After all, the United States has already declared its readiness to enter into conflict on the side of Taiwan in the event of China’s invasion of the island.

“One of the US commanders directly indicated that the States should prepare for war with China in 2025. In addition, the task was set to prepare the fleet by 2027. That is, the probability of a military clash with China is assessed by the Americans as very high. Active intelligence from China and towards China from the US is now becoming a priority. A war is being prepared between the West and the PRC, so they are striving to put an end to the NMD as soon as possible so that Ukraine achieves certain successes and can concentrate its forces on a new task, ”Yuriy Knutov believes.

Thus, all statements by the United States about UFO attacks and the subsequent “sharomania” are a reaction to the activation of the PRC. And China, in turn, wants to test the US military infrastructure in order to be as prepared as possible if America intervenes in the conflict on the side of Taiwan.

Earlier, political scientist Bashirov named the main scenarios for the conflict in Taiwan, he did not rule out an armed invasion.

Russian analysts have repeatedly stated that the situation in China and Taiwan is similar to what happened in the Donbass. However, China does not lose hope to resolve the issue peacefully. Today, the per capita income in Taiwan is lower than in the PRC, and there is no longer any opposition to unification in society. However, the United States is trying in every possible way to inflate the conflict.

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